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it depends on what kind of skates.

when it comes to rollerblades, speed ice skates smoke the speed of a roller blade,

but when it comes to rollerblades and a regular ice skate, i would say they are about even

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Q: What is faster rollerblades or ice skates?
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What is the difference between ice hockey and in-line hockey?

I think the difference is that ice hockey is played on ice with ice skates and in-line hockey is played on a flat surface with rollerblades.

What is true about inline skates?

They were the first kind of roller skates to be invented, and were later repurposed as Rollerblades.

Where can I find Rollerblades or skates for beginners in Abu Dhabi?

This is haraam

Does one skate faster on thicker ice?

it depends on how sharp your ice skates are but no

Which of the following is true about inline skates?

They were the first kind of roller skates to be invented, and were later repurposed as Rollerblades.

Hi I want to learn how to ice skate but the closest rink is 100 miles away I was wonderingabout buying some rollerblades so is rollerblading similar to ice skating?

Yes and no. Rollerblades teach you balance but the balance required to ice skate is different. Ice skating requires greater balance because the blade is smaller. Also the stopping techniques are different to, but if you are a quick learner you will be able to transition easily from Rollerblades an concrete to ice skates and ice.

Are rollerblades like in-line skates?

The term "rollerblades" is actually used interchangeably with inline skates. The largest inline skate dealer in the world is the Rollerblade company and their name has become the common place phrase for inline skates. Think in terms of the phrase kleenex. There is actually a company called Kleenex, and there are other companies that make tissue paper as well. However, most people just say kleenex in place of tissue. The same is done with Coke. So to ultimately answer your question, rollerblades are like inline skates because rollerblades are inline skates.

Can you call in-line skates as line skates?

No. They're "in-line" and you can't shorten that to "line." (Older folks still call them Rollerblades.)

When did rollerblades become popular?

The popularity of rollerblades really sky rocketed in the 1980s. Prior to that, inline skates (rollerblades) had been around for centuries, but the design had failed to catch on. It wasn't until 1980's when the founders of the Rollerblade Skate Company created the modern version of inline skates as a way to train for ice hockey during the warmer months. Their design took the market by storm and the popularity has only increased since then.

Which are the safest toddler ice skates?

There are a few different brands of ice skates, but there are no toddler ice skates. Ice skates should not be put on a toddler and a toddler cannot ice skate.

Are in line skates faster than ice skates?

it depends. i have been in line skating since i was 7. it is still very hard for me to ice skate. but my friend crysta,who ice skate thinks it is easy to in line skate.

What is faster speed skates or hockey skates?


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