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Cross-country skiing.

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What is Alpine skiing

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Q: What is faster cross-country skiing or running?
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Which athlete has won the most gold medals for the US in the winter Olympics?

Bjoern Dahlie of Norway (crosscountry skiing)

What is faster running downhill or skiing downhill?

skiing downhill is much faster. An pro skiier will achieve speeds of up to 80mph on a typical downhill course. The current downhill ski record stands at just over 151mph

Do you need a helmet for crosscountry skiing?

My advice is to always wear a helmet when you go skiing. It can be very dangerous if you dont have one, because the snow is hard to land on. Even if you go skiing in deep snow, you never know if there are stones hidden underneath it.

Which olympic sport uses the most energy and burns the most calories?

Hockey, 5000m speed skating and long crosscountry skiing

What events are in the winter olympic games?

alpine skiing, crosscountry skiing, figure skating, ice hockey, Nordic combined, ski jumping, speed skating, luge, short track speed skating, freestyle skiing. Speed skiing, bandy, and skijoring were semonstration sports but never were titled OFFICIAL WINTER GAME SPORTS.

What is faster skiing or snow boarding?


How much potassium in spagetti?

howmuch patassium is in spagetti? and does patassium help you run longer or faster or anywhere in that are of running because im in crosscountry and have a meet coming upsoon and ive heard to eat spagetti the night before your meet?

What are the benefits of fartlek training for a duathalon?

Because they help you with your pace and tghey help you go faster and slower during your race so you don't run out of energy. I know this because i am a track/crosscountry runner and i had to do these for crosscountry.

How can i become better at crosscountry in 2 weeks?

I would recommend running twice a day (It really helped me).

When was CrossCountry created?

CrossCountry was created in 2007.

When was Virgin CrossCountry created?

Virgin CrossCountry was created in 1997.

When did Virgin CrossCountry end?

Virgin CrossCountry ended in 2007.

What sports were in the first winter olyimpic?

Hockey,snowboarding,figure skating,curling,freestyle skiing,crosscountry skiing,apline skiing,bobsleigh and shooting. Did u know:Canada is the best country in the world at hockey. In 2010 women and men won gold medal for hockey and both of them were verses the USA. GO Canada Go -_-

What is Olympic cross-country skiing?

Olympic cross-country skiing is many people racing to see who can get to the finish line faster by cross-country skiing, or skiing on flat land.

How many miles running equal 1 mile skiing?

Skiing would be measured along the slope, whereas running is usually measured by the distance covered irrelevant of terrain. I am not a good skier, so I ski almost horizontally, so 1 mile skiing would be almost 1 mile running. FOr a good skier, 1 mile skiing could be 2/3 mile running.

What are Mitt Romney's hobbies?

running and skiing

Is there horse crosscountry compettions in England?

There are. Contact the organizations in your area that sponcors crosscountry events, you can find these online.

How do you get faster at running?

how to get faster at running is by doing,squats and running! for 60 mins.

How is cross country perform?

There is cross country running, which is long distance running (4k, 5k, 8k 10k) k is kilometers. and there is also cross country skiing, which is long distance skiing.

Do you have codes for dub edition remix?

crosscountry-all cities in ARCADE moderoadtrip or crosscountry All cities in arcade moderoadtrip or crosscountry All cities in arcade mode

What is easier snowboard or skiing?

Snowboarding has a faster learning curve.

What are some of mitt Romneys hobbies?

skiing and running are some of his favorites

Why did skiing become popular in Norway?

Earlier it was because it was much faster transportation than walking. It was very useful during World War II, and now skiing is a very important activity in Norway. At school we have skiing days, and the government spends a lot of money on skiing tracks.

Is running on a track with spikes faster?

As you are running on tracks with spikes, you have a better grip and so run faster.

What are examples of aerobic and cardiovascular exercise?

Running, swimming, dancing, cycling, marathon-running, cross-country or downhill skiing, skipping, using aerobic equipment (i.e., treadmill, stationary bike). Basically, it is a form of exercise that gets your heart beating faster and make your breathing rate increase. (Not to be confused with weight-lifting and some sports.)