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Cross-country skiing.

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Q: What is faster cross-country skiing or running?
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Which athlete has won the most gold medals for the US in the winter Olympics?

Bjoern Dahlie of Norway (crosscountry skiing)

What is faster skiing or snow boarding?


Which olympic sport uses the most energy and burns the most calories?

Hockey, 5000m speed skating and long crosscountry skiing

Do you need a helmet for crosscountry skiing?

My advice is to always wear a helmet when you go skiing. It can be very dangerous if you dont have one, because the snow is hard to land on. Even if you go skiing in deep snow, you never know if there are stones hidden underneath it.

What is faster running downhill or skiing downhill?

skiing downhill is much faster. An pro skiier will achieve speeds of up to 80mph on a typical downhill course. The current downhill ski record stands at just over 151mph

When was CrossCountry created?

CrossCountry was created in 2007.

How can i become better at crosscountry in 2 weeks?

I would recommend running twice a day (It really helped me).

What are the benefits of fartlek training for a duathalon?

Because they help you with your pace and tghey help you go faster and slower during your race so you don't run out of energy. I know this because i am a track/crosscountry runner and i had to do these for crosscountry.

When was Virgin CrossCountry created?

Virgin CrossCountry was created in 1997.

When did Virgin CrossCountry end?

Virgin CrossCountry ended in 2007.

What events are in the winter olympic games?

alpine skiing, crosscountry skiing, figure skating, ice hockey, Nordic combined, ski jumping, speed skating, luge, short track speed skating, freestyle skiing. Speed skiing, bandy, and skijoring were semonstration sports but never were titled OFFICIAL WINTER GAME SPORTS.

How much potassium in spagetti?

howmuch patassium is in spagetti? and does patassium help you run longer or faster or anywhere in that are of running because im in crosscountry and have a meet coming upsoon and ive heard to eat spagetti the night before your meet?

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