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trx but raptor has way better handling and all aroung acceleration

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โˆ™ 2009-08-24 18:50:17
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Q: What is faster a raptor 250 or a trx 300?
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What is faster a raptor 350 or a trx 250?

The raptor 350 by ALOT

What is faster a raptor 350 or a Honda trx 300ex?

the raptor 350 is faster but not by much

What is faster 700 Honda trx or raptor 700?

The Honda is faster than the Raptor on straights.

Is a Raptor 700 faster then a Honda TRX 450 R?

If you are going by top speed, just barely. Raptor 76 mph to TRX 450 73 mph.

How fast is a trx 250ex?

My raptor 250 creamed it. The thing goes 35 mph stock. I have a raptor 250 and it has an hmf pipe on it and goes 56 mph.

Which is faster a Honda TRX 450r or a Raptor 660r?

in a long distance a 450r honda will win

What is faster Honda 450 TRX or Raptor 700?

If it's kind of tight trails the Raptor would probably be better. Now open trails and logging roads that you can really open the bike up on, it could go either way. From what I have read, the Raptor's top speed is faster, but just by a hair. Raptor 76 mph to Honda 450 TRX 73mph

Does Honda fourtrax 300 and Honda 250 trx have the same frame?


Which is faster TRX 450 or Raptor 660?

the Raptor by far :) the raptor has a far greater top end speed as well, a stock 660 will just about be beaten by a stock yfz450, but add mods and your sweet. far faster than trx450

Im 13 and im going to buy an ATV i have a Honda recon 250 but i wanted to get a more sporty and a faster one any ideas im thinkin either a trx 250ex or raptor 250 maybe a blaster 200 can anyone help?

VV that is a lie. i have both the trx250 and the raptor 250 and they r both 2008 and my trx is way better. they are both stock. the raptor is 2 small. my little brother rides it. and im 13. i ride a trx300 but i still think the trx is better. hondas are better over all. especialy toughness. ride Honda people! i have a 08 raptor 250 se and they are by far better than the 250 ex all a 250 ex is a recon 250 with a clutch because they have the same motor and besides they are shaft driven if you want a sporty ATV get chain always because it has better throttle response and they are easier to maintain so get a raptor 250 they are really fast they top out between 60-70 mph

What goes faster a trx 250 ex ATV or a trx 250r ATV?

the 250r definately. the 250r is a 2 stroke. The 250ex is a four stroke

TRX 250 Top speed?

about 50-55 faster if you can get pipes bore over.. ect

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