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kx 80

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Q: What is faster a kx 65 or a ktm 65?
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What is faster a ktm sx 125 or a kawasaki kx 100?

KTM 125

What is faster kx125 or ktm125?

kx 125 is better because KTM 125 or any ktm snap so go with kx 125

How fast does a yz65 go?

there is no such thing as a yz 65 there is a kx 65 and a rm 65 and a ktm 65 but no yz 65

How fast is a 2003 kx 65?

Very fast best 65s you can buy my son races one and it is fast ,He had a ktm but it was nothing compared to the kx.

What would win in a race a kx 125 or a crf 250?

yes the CRF 250 would blitz a KTM 65

How fast can a ktm 65 dirt bike go?

the ktm 65 sx goes 60mph and its faster then the other 65s

Should I get a KX 100 or a KTM 105 and is a KTM 105 that much better than a KTM 85?

Kx 100s are easy and cheep to fix. Ktms are great motorcycles but they can be more expensive to repair. Kx 100

What is the best dirt bike for 12 year olds?

I would say the KX 65, or a ktm 65. (depending on how tall you are). Or any type of 85cc. Those are for race dirtbikes though. KTM stinks on other cc's 65 is their only good one.

How fast does a ktm 105 go?

It goes 63-65 kawaski is better I have a kx 80 and it goes 75 with my procircuit pipe 67 without it

Is a ktm 125 better than kx 85?

it depends on the type of ktm there are all different kinds of ktm 125's

What is faster kx 80 or cr 80?

the kx is faster

Will ktm 65 wheels fit on ktm 50?


What type is used for a ktm size is 65?

what oil is used in a ktm 65

Kawasaki kx 65?

Kawasaki kx 125 is the best

What goes faster KX 85 dirt bike or KX 100 dirt bike?

kx 100 is faster on bottom end speed kx 85 is faster on top end speed so they are about equal to some extent. ;)

What is faster a kx 60 or a yz 85?

believe it or not, the kx 60 is faster a cause of it having a motor too powerful for the small, light frame, so yes, the kx 60 is faster than the yz 85

Is a KX 85 faster than a KX 100?


How many gears does a ktm 65 have?

my sons 05 ktm 65 sx has 5

Witch is faster a ktm 105 or Yamaha ttr125?

the ktm 105 is way faster that a ttr

Will a ktm 65 clutch cover fit on a ktm 85 sx?

no it does not

KX 100 vs KTM 105 XC?

The Ktm would win but not by alot considering its lighter and has more ccs but in motocross it's all about the rider

Ktm 65 gear oil?

KTM 65 SX uses .5 L of Motorex Top Speed $T 15W50

Is a kx100 or a ktm 85 faster?

The KTM 85 is faster but much more difficult to take care of.

Kx100 top speed?

The kx 100 goes about 65 mph i had my kx 100 tested

Does a kx 65 sticker kit fit a kx 80?

how do you fix a crankshaft seal leak