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Q: What is faster a KX 85 or a CR 85?
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What is faster kx 80 or cr 80?

the kx is faster

What is faster crf150r or a kawasaki kx 85?

The kx 85 is over all faster......but the 150r would give it a run for its money

What is faster a kx 60 or a yz 85?

believe it or not, the kx 60 is faster a cause of it having a motor too powerful for the small, light frame, so yes, the kx 60 is faster than the yz 85

Is a KX 85 faster than a KX 100?


Is a cr85 expert faster than a kx85?

The cr 85 is actually faster. I ended up looking at a cr85 and it has way to much power for an 85, it was more like a 100.So I bought an kx 85 because it is much more calm then a cr85

What goes faster KX 85 dirt bike or KX 100 dirt bike?

kx 100 is faster on bottom end speed kx 85 is faster on top end speed so they are about equal to some extent. ;)

What dirt bike is faster cr yz kx?


Witch is faster a KX85 or a KLX140?

kx 85

Is a kx 85 better than a crf 150r?

a crf150r is like a rocket to a kx85 a crf150r will eat a kx 85 for breakfast!!! there both fast but i have trouble with the kx and no trouble with 150!!! So overall a crf150r runs better and is faster!!!

How fast is a cr 85?

well the crf 150 will go about 55-60 and the cr 85 is faster - anywhere from 75 - 95 mph.

How fast is a kx 85?

A KX 85 STOCK WILL TOP OUT AT ABOUT 68-70MPH. well mine will top out at 85mph cause its no normal kx 85

Which is faster 660 raptor or Honda cr 85 both stock?


Is 85cc big enough for a 14 year old?

i have a ktm 85sx and a kx 85 small wheel. i am a midgit but i can ride them. i am twelve. this should help. a kx 85 big wheel is an awesome bike. although if he or she is small it will be too big. a ktm big wheel is expensive but is worth it. it is still quiet big. these are some seat heights kx 85 = 840mm ktm 85 sx = 850mm rm 85L = 850mm cr 85 = 860mm yz 85 = 840mm but all these are ajustable my bros 14 and he rides a ktm 85sx big wheel. he is 170cm tall.

How old can you ride a kx 85?

you can ride a kx 85 any age there is no lmit :D

Fuel mix ratio for 2004 kx 85?

32:1 for KX 40:1 for YZ Not sure the ratio on CR's, and RM's.

How fast will a kx 85 go?

around the 65 mph mark for a big wheel kx 85

Is the cr85 or yz85 faster?

the yz 85 is has a faster top speed: yz 85: 140km/h cr 85: 110km/h but the cr85 has a broader powerband. overall the yz is better though myself i ride a kx85

How much oil does a KX 85 take?

A half a quart my owner manual says fer a 2003 kx 85 2 stroke

What is faster ttr 125 or cr 85?

Any two stroke 85 is faster than a ttr 125 because it has more torwue and is made for racing. a ttr is a trail bike and not made for speed

How much horsepower does a kx 500 have?

Kx 500 dyno's in a 55 hp, Cr 56 hp

What is faster yz 85 or cr 85?

Depends on the year but if they are both stock and the same age Yamaha's typicly go a little faster but if your racing rider skill is more important because they are basicly equal.

How fast is a kx 250?

my 99 model kx 250 does 85 mph

What is better kx 85 or 85sx?

kawasaki kx 85 is better in alot more things like ktms brack down alot

What is faster a kx 65 or a ktm 65?

kx 80

Will a 1985 kx 125 jug fit a 1991 kx 125?

no the 1985 kx 125 cylinder will only fit years 85-87 kx 125s