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Approximately 8 seconds

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Q: What is fast for a 100 meter dash?
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How fast did Wilma Rudolph run the 100 meter dash?


How fast can a greyhound run the 100 meter dash?

5.1 seconds

How fast can an elephant run a 100 meter dash?

Eleven seconds

How fast would someone running the 100 meter dash in 9.58 have ran the 100 yard dash?

In the region of 8.76s.

What is a short fast running event in Olympics?

100 meter dash, 200 meter dash also called Sprints

What is the 100-meter Olympic dash like to compete in?

its fast, really fast Timothy stellmacher

If you run the 100 meter dash in 12.7 seconds how fast would you run the 40 yard dash?

Running the 100-meter dash in 12.7 seconds is the same as running the 40-yard dash in 4.645 seconds.

You are a 13 year old boy and you have ran a 10.82 in the 100 meter dash is this fast?

yes that is fast!

What do American high schools use 100 yard dash or 100 meter yard dash?

100 meter dash

How fast is a runner who races the 100 meter dash in 10 seconds?

22.36 mph

Is 13.16 sec in the 100 meter dash fast for a freshman in high school?

Not at all

How fast can a man run the 100 meter dash?

14 seconds was the record set by me

How fast is your 40 yard dash if you run a 12.3 second 100 meter?

If you run a 12.3-second 100-meter, your approximate time for the 40-yard dash is 4.5 seconds.

How fast should a 12 year old run the 100 meter dash?

A 12 year old's average time for the 100 meter dash, should be about 15 or 16 seconds.

What events were held in the modern Olympics?

100 meter dash 100 meter dash

How long is a 100 meter dash?

As it is called a 100 meter dash, i would probably say 100 meters

What is the shortest running event in the Olympic games?

100 meter dash for men and the 100 meter dash and 100 meter hurdles for women.

What is a fast time for 11 year olds in the 100 meter dash?

14.00-16.00 seconds

How fast should an average boy run the 100 meter dash?

12-14 seconds

If you run the 100 meter dash in 12.7 seconds how fast are you going?

Your pace is 17.61 mph

How fast is carl Lewis?

9.86 100 meter dash time 9.78 100 meter dash time (wind aided) 8.87 Long jump 8.91 Long jump (wind aided)

What 12.07 time in 100 meter dash is equivalent to what time for 100 yard dash?

A 12.07 time in the 100-meter dash is equivalent to 11.03 seconds in the 100-yard dash.

10.7 100 meter dash converts to what time in 100 yards?

10.7 100 meter dash = 9.78 100 yards

What is the difference in length between a 100-meter dash and a 100-yard dash?

There are 36 inches in a yard and 39.37 inches in a meter. Therefore the difference in length between a 100-meter dash and a 100-yard dash is 337 inches.

How could you get better on a 100 meter dash?

to practice pumping your arms as fast as you can while you legs are in motion