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The springboard is easier because it is lower and it has more bounce. It will throw you higher in the air.

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Q: What is easier to dive off of the springboard or the platform?
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What are the different diving boards that olympic divers dive off?

At the Olympics the only diving boards used are the 10 metre platform and the 3 metre springboard. At other competitions Olympians could also compete in the 1 metre board event but this is not an Olympic event. In club events, junior events and some national events, Olympic divers could also use the 5 metre platform and the 7.5 metre platform. In training there is sometimes a 3 metre platform available, which is not used in competitions.

How fast do swimmers dive off the block?

when you dive off a block, it should not be more than 2 seconds. when you dive, you must dive through your legs, like jumping off of it.

What is Olympic diving?

it's a sport during the summer olympics, where athletes who've trained for this compete. they dive off of springboards (3 meter) and platform (3,5,9 meter).

How do you dive wile sky diving?

You dive while your about to jump off the plane or whatever your jumping off of.

Was the take off board in long jump ever called a springboard?


How do you turn off oceanic plus two dive computer?

you don't EVER turn off ANY dive computer.... they will turn themselves off when they have completed their calculations (ie: 24 hours to fly after last dive).

What is a back dive?

A back dive is another name for a backwards dive, a dive in which the diver faces away from the water when taking off, and lands facing backwards.

What is a backward dive?

A backward dive is a dive in which the diver faces away from the water when taking off, and lands facing backwards.

How do you dive in Legend of Zelda skyward sword?

You can only dive off of docks, off of your Loftwing, or in certain places with deep holes, such as in the Eldin region

What are the technical terms for dives?

Dives are catagorized in the following ways. Forwards the diver faces forwards towards the water at the start of the dive and rotates in that direction. backwards the diver faces away from the water at the start of the dive and rotates backwards towards the water reverse the diver faces forwards towards the water at the start of the dive and rotates backwards after tajke off. Inwards the diver faces away from the water at the start of the dive and rotates farwards towards the board after take off Twisting Any dive that involves a twist so you can have any of the above dives with an added twist handstand a dive off the platform 5metres 7 metres or ten metres that starts in a hand stand position.

What level does mantyke learn dive in diamond?

Dive is not an HM/TM anymore so it can't learn dive, but you can get it from a different region so if you trade a Pokemon holding that move then take it off them it can learn dive.

Why do divers get into a wading pool after doing a dive off a high dive?

because the water is so cold from a high dive they go in the wading pool to warm back up

Why in swim meets do you dive of swim blocks?

You dive off the blocks at swim meets because it is faster. When you dive off of them you get more momentum rather than just pushing off the wall. Also it gives the crowd a chance to see all the competitors and what school and lane they represent rather than in the pool.

How do you get to team magma's sub on ruby?

you have too have dive. when you have it surf too the biggest patch off the dark water and use dive. find the cave opening and once your inside us dive

How do you dive on ocarina of time?

Just run off the ledge and into the water.

What is the thing you jump off to dive in the pool?

Diving board I think

What do you do if a plane goes into a nose dive after take off?

prepare to die.

How do you dive off a starting block in swim team?

Like a pro

Why did Klutz lift off a manhole cover and dive in?

he was sommitting cewercide

What is a ceremonial dive on psp the sims 2 castaway?

On the third island, go to...Ancient Theater I think. There is a little platform from which you can dive off of. You need either 9 or 10 Body to do it, though. To get your Body up, you can spear fish or climb trees to get resources. To view your Body level and other Skills, look under "Personal Info" in the main menu which you access by pressing START on your PSP.

How do you find team aquas after the seventh badge?

I can only explain from Sootopolis. You dive out of Sootopolis and surf west. Surf south on route 126 or 127 until you see a spot with a grey area where you can walk and you see a little rock in the middle. Use dive on the south side off the platform and you will see the entrance where team Aqua is hiding. Hope this will help you

How do you get past the flies on twisted thicket?

you have to let it Carry u to the first platform repeat until the last platform and then shake them off

What are the different types of routines of gymnastic?

For floor you tumble and dance, bar you just do kips and giants, for beam it is mostly dance, for vault you just run bounce off a springboard and do flips off a table.

Why do olympic divers enter a second pool of water after they dive?

to col off

How many people sky dive off the Auckland sky tower?