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Q: What is duty of care for sports trainers sports coaches teachers sports administrators and opposition players?
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Related Jobs To Teachers?

principle teachers-postsecondary; counselors; teacher assistants; education administrators; librarians; childcare workers; public relations specialists; social workers; and athletes, coaches, umpires, and related workers.

Does sports medicine involve athletic trainers coaches and personal trainers?


Are there special coaches for the nba that are not assistant coaches?

yes, most players have agents, or their own trainers

How many athletes were in the winter Olympics 2010?

There are approx. 2500 athletes and coaches and trainers as well.

Do all body builders have fitness trainers?

I'm sure all body builders don't have fitness trainers but it is a good idea to have someone to work with you who is knowledgeable about what is needed to be successful. Singers have voice coaches, basketball players have coaches, so why shouldn't a body builders?

Can teachers or coaches grow personal use marijuana in NM?


What are the differences of a coach and a teacher?

coaches are in sports and teachers are in like education

Do football coaches give massages to their players?

Coaches never massage the players. Or, at least, they shouldn't. That would be inappropriate. If a player has a sore muscle, however, the trainers will likely massage him.

Why is sport in schools good?

it can teach respect for teachers,coaches,and other students

How should teachers or coaches behave in order to treat their students fairly?


How many trainers are on an NFL team?

For instance, let's use the Vikings; With 3 head coaches. The have 8 offensive coaches, including quarterbacks and wide receivers. 7 defensive coaches including line backers, defensive backs and line. And five other staffs/coaches for conditioning and strengthening.

Which type of people could provide social support?

Coaches and Teachers. Family Members.