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Dual Signed

A dual signed (two signatures) or multi-signed item is a term used to destiguish it from an item that has only been signed by a single person.

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2009-11-12 05:26:56
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Q: What is dual signature?
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What does DS stand for on the back of old silverware?

dual signature

Who makes simplicity snow blowers?

The Briggs & Stratton engine company founded in 1908 owns and makes Simplicity snow blowers. These blowers include the four-cycle single-stage snow blower, the dual-stage snow blower, the large-frame dual-stage snow blower, and the Simplicity Signature Pro Commercial Duty dual-stage snow blower.

Can a bank be held responsible if it allowed money to be transferred from a dual signature checking account into a single signature checking account by only one person on the dual signature account?

No. The bank is not responsible or liable if such an incident happens. A joint account is one that can be fully operated by either of the two people who hold a joint account. So if one party withdraws cash or makes a funds transfer, it is assumed that the other party has no objections towards it. So the bank wouldn't be liable if one party does it against the wish of the other party who holds the account jointly.

What is a sentence with dual in it?

She had a dual nature because of the disease. This is a sentence containing the word dual.

What is the signature at the bottom of a letter called?

The signature at the end of a letter is called, the signature. The signature is found on the signature line. There are some people that call the signature an inscription.

Which is correct parent signature or parent's signature?

Parent's signature. This is the possessive of signature (the parent owns it).

A sentence with the word dual in it?

This trailer has a dual axle.The man used a dual blade for shaving.There is a dual function on this keyboard (synthesizer).This machine and do dual tasks at the same time.

What does signature mean?


What means signature?


What is a sentence with the word signature?

Put your signature at the end of the paper. Wearing only black is her signature look. I had to sign my signature.

What is A fraudulent signature is called?

A fraudulent signature is known as signature forgery. This occurs when someone unlawfully replicates the signature of another person. Signature forgery is either done by copying the signature by freehand or by tracing over the real signature.

Can you get dual citizenship if your dad has dual citizenship?

Yes you can receive both of his dual citizenship.

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