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apply wax to the bottom of your skis

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Q: What is done to reduce friction in ski jumping?
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What force do skin tight ski pants reduce?

air drag

When is and isn't friction useful?

fricton is useful in the cases of deacceleration or tending the body to be at the braking car,trekking,air friction in ski jumping,eraser for rubbing etc. However friction usefulness doesn't hold true in car engines,because it doesnt need fiction so we use oils to reduce it.

Where did the Ski Jumping begin?

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When did Norway ski jumping begin?

Ski jumping started in the 1860s.

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Why did they disband ski jumping from the Olympics?

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Where does ski jumping happened the most?

Ski jumping happens the most in races and skiing lessons

When was Sven Eriksson - ski jumping - born?

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When did Sven Eriksson - ski jumping - die?

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When was Alpensia Ski Jumping Stadium created?

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Because it is always seen that which one is performing better ski jumping.