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You would take the penalty, whatever the circumstance. It would then continue to be fourth down starting from the new line of scrimmage. (NFL)

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Q: What is done on a loss of down penalty on fourth down?
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Does loss of down apply on a fourth down illegal forward pass in the NFL?

Yes, any penalty that includes a loss of down would apply on 4th down. The result is a turnover on downs.

What is the penalty for illegal substitution in the NFL?

I think it is loss of down or a 10 yard penalty.

Is there a loss of down for an ineligible receiver downfield?

No, not unless he touches the ball, in which case the penalty would be illegal touching. Ineligible receiver downfield: 5 yard penalty, replay the down Illegal touching by ineligible: 5 yard penalty, loss of down

What penalty doesnt result in loss of a down?

False Start

How much is an illegal forward pass penalty?

The penalty for an Illegal Forward Pass is 5 yards from the spot of the foul and loss of down.

What is a declined penalty in football?

Declining a penalty is when the team not receiving the penalty turns down the penalty on the other team. Penalties usually result in a loss or gain of yards and a replay of the down.ExampleIf the offense runs a play on third down and ends up four yards short of a first down but commits an offensive penalty the defense would most likely want to decline that penalty so that the third down play stands. If they were to accept the penalty the offense would get another shot and making the third down yardage even though it would be 9 yards to go (5 yard penalty) or 14 yards to go (10 yard penalty). Even though the penalty would back up the offense why give them another shot at completing third down yardage. Declining the penalty makes it fourth down with four yards to go and they most likely punt.

On a fourth down pass when the offensive team is inside the opposition's 20-yard line an incomplete pass results in a loss of down at the line of scrimmage?

On a fourth down any play not resulting in a gain of at least 10 yards for a first down results in loss of possession to the other team.

What is the correct penalty enforcement spot for an illegal forward pass after team possession has changed?

The penalty for an Illegal Forward pass is a five yard spot foul and loss of down. If an Illegal forward pass is intercepted, the penalty would be declined. There would be no enforcement of the penalty.

Is offensive pass interference a loss of down?

It is in Tennessee, plus a 15 yard penalty. Just saw it called last night.

What will a quarterback be penalized for throwing the ball if he has crossed the line of scrimmage?

The penalty for throwing a forward pass past the line of scrimmage is 5 yards and is called 'Illegal Forward Pass'. The penalty also carries a loss of down.

What was the penalty for gossiping in England?

The loss of ones lips.

Excusing of an offense without penalty?

Since you posted this in the "Football Rules and Regulations" category, I assume you refer to a team's option of "declining" a penalty on the opposing team. Most penalties result in a loss of yardage and then the down is replayed. In some circumstances, a team would rather take the result of the play and count the down rather than assess the penalty against the opposing team and replay the down.