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Q: What is different between US lacrosse and UK lacrosse?
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What is the lacrosse ball different between US and Canada?

Canada Balls R tha bomb

What is different about living in the US vs the UK?

its more free in the us, as to your choices to choose between different restaurants. otherwise, it is just the same thing with different accent.

Is the political tiff between two different ethnicities over who governs Crimea really any business of the US or UK governments?

As of March 2014, there is a political tiff between two different ethnicities over who governs Crimea. It is the business of US and UK governments.

What are the major conflict between us and UK?

There are no major conflicts between the US and UK. Both are allies within NATO.

Is there a treaty between the UK and US on a Parental abduction?

The Hague Convention addresses parental abduction between the US and the UK. Google it.

What was the name of the agreement between the US and the UK?

The US and the UK have had many agreements over the years.

Is the iPad in England different to the US iPad?

The only difference between the US and UK iPads (See links below) will be the network to which the 3G version connects. And also I believe the keyboard is different

Is UK finance different from US finance?

UK finance is different from US finance because they have different policies regarding financial matters. They also use a different currency so it can be very different.

Can I charge a US camera battery when in the UK?

The battery for US and UK is the same but the different is the battery charger You should get a UK charger for you battery.

What paperwork is needed for a US citizen to marry a UK citizen in the US when they plan on settling in the UK?

In the way of actual paperwork, none apart from the marriage license. The UK citizen comes in on a visa waiver and you can get married in the US. For the US citizen to get to the UK, that is where the paperwork comes in. You both need to go to the UK embassy in the US and apply for a marriage visa for the US citizen to come into the UK. The US spouse will then be able to work straight away when you get to the UK also based on that visa.

Difference between united state and UK?

The UK is a monarchy and the US is a republic.

Differences between US and UK?

Depending on where you are in america - between 5 & 8 hours behind UK time.