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the goal this is the correct answer because i am an professional player so the GOAL

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Q: What is diamond formation IN BASKETBALL?
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What are the three standard volleyball formations?

W formation, V Formation and Diamond formation

What is a basketball screen?

A pick is a basketball screen. You run up to the guy and make your arms in a V formation.

Why diamond a pure substance?

diamond is formed from carbon. Some diamonds include other trace minerals, but they are not necessary in the formation of diamond.

Is diamond an organic compound?

Diamonds are formed from carbon. The trace inclusion of other elements may give a diamond colour, but are not necessary in diamond formation.

What is the one element which a diamond is made?

Carbon atoms that are exposed to a high enough pressure and temperature will result in formation of diamond.

Which formation is used during extraction or recovery operations to penetrate crowds and extract someone or something from that crowd?

diamond or circle formation

How does a diamond break?

it has less toughness so it breaks.may from sudden formation of crack

Is a diamond a type of crystal?

yes it is a crystal of the element carbonDiamond has a crystal formation, true.

Why diamond is colourless where as the content is carbon is black?

Some formations of carbon atom collections are black: the formation of carbon atoms for diamond is colourless.

How has participation in basketball changed?

Basketball has continued to benefit from increasing participation by women, spurred by the formation of professional women's leagues and the success of the women's team at the 1996 Olympics.

Which element is diamond made from?

Diamond stones are formed in the earth's mantle from carbon, a specially-bonded crystal formation, and it is the hardest natural mineral known on earth.

How much money is a diamond encrusted basketball?

Enough to get you a better brain to ask better questions

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