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Q: What is designed for hitting a golf ball shorter distances on the green?
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Which has the shorter wavelength green or yellow light?

The wavelength of green light is shorter than that of yellow light.

Green and white signs give information about directions and distances?


Where are isolation distances in the ERG?

in the green, table of initial isolation and protective action distances

Is blue light's wavelength shorter than green light's?

Blue color (at 475nm) has a shorter wavelength than green (at 510nm).

What can the distances recommended in the Table of Isolation and Protective Action Distances in the green sections of the ERG be used for?

To ensure safety

When can the distances recommended in the table of isolation and protective action distances in the green section of the ERG be used?

These distances can be used during the first 30 minutes of an incident.

What kind of light has a wavelength shorter than green light is it red light raido waves X-rays or infrared waves?

In th visible spectrum blue and violet light are shorter than green. x-rays are way shorter than green.

Who designed the green dress Christina Aguilera wears as Ali in the movie Burlesque?

The green dress was designed by Michael Kaplin

To find protective action distances if the there is no fire at a hazardous refer to the?


Appropriate isolation distances for an oil fire are in what section of the erg?

They are in the green section, Table of Initial Isolation and Protective Action Distances.

The distances recommended in the table of isolation and protective action distances in the green section of the erg can be used?

During the first 30 minutes.

What must you do to shoot par?

Not that I would know, but I've heard that shooting par requires - Hitting a lot of fairways from the tee, with good distance - Hitting accurate irons to the green, staying away from trouble and hitting a part of the green that can gives you a good look at the hole - Hitting the first putt close enough that the second is a gimme.

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