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Derrick Rose plays Basketball not football

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Q: What is derrick rose nfl team?
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What is derrick rose favorite NFL team?

Chicago bears

What NBA team does Derrick Rose play for?

Derrick Rose plays for the Chicago Bulls.

What team has derrick rose?

Chicago Bulls

What team is derrick rose?

Chicago Bulls.

What is Derrick Rose's favorite baseball team?

Derrick Rose is from the South side of Chicago; therefore, he names his favorite team as the team from the South side of Chicago, the Chicago White Sox. Derrick Rose has stated in numerous interviews that he supports the AAA Buffalo Bisons baseball club.

What NFL team does Derrick Hopkins play for?

Derrick Hopkins plays for the Baltimore Ravens.

What NFL team does Derrick Shelby play for?

Derrick Shelby plays for the Miami Dolphins.

What NFL team does Derrick Coleman play for?

Derrick Coleman plays for the Seattle Seahawks.

What NFL team does Derrick Morgan play for?

Derrick Morgan plays for the Tennessee Titans.

When did Derrick rose come into chicago's team?


Whose team was derrick rose on?

Chicago Bulls

What NFL team does Derrick Johnson play for?

Derrick Johnson plays for the Kansas City Chiefs.

What NFL team does Derrick Strozier play for?

Derrick Strozier plays for the New Orleans Saints.

What was derrick rose's favorite childhood team?

chicago Bulls

What team a is derrick rose on in ncaa basketball 09?


Who is better derrick rose or jamal crawford?

Derrick Rose

Who derrick rose mother?

Brenda Rose is the name of Derrick Rose's mother.

How many dogs do derrick rose have?

Do derrick rose have a dog

Who is better Kevin LOVE or derrick rose?

Derrick Rose

When was Derrick Rose born?

derrick Rose was born on October 4, 1988

Is derrick rose an illuminati?

No he is not he loves and believes in god I'm in his derrick rose basketball team and asked him the same question plus he has crosses all over his body so that will tell you to

What is derrick rose's salary?

Derrick rose makes a ton of money!!!!

Who is better Kobe Bryant or derrick rose?

derrick rose riley

Does Derrick Rose have a speaking disorder?

No, Derrick Rose does not have a speaking disorder.

Who is the captain of the Chicago Bulls?

Derrick Rose #1 on the Chicago Bulls is the team captain.

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