What is departmental undertaking?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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it is the traditional and oldest form of a public enterprise wherein the aggregate investment is made by the government, a private party is debarred from investing in it,financed by treasury,subject to budget, account and audit,e.g. railways and post and telegraph department. jai hind see

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Q: What is departmental undertaking?
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What are the features of departmental undertaking?

Departmental undertaking a business organisation hane several departments

In a departmental organization what is a gangplank?

In a departmental organization what is a gangplank?

What do you mean by departmental explain departmental briefly?

A department is a subdivision of an organisation - for instance the Geology department is the subdivision that studies/teaches Geology in a University. Therefore 'departmental' means belonging to a department - as in the departmental staff.

What will be Code for creating departmental store management system using JSP?

what is departmental store?

What is the nature and purpose of departmental account?

access the objectives of departmental accounts within the context of corporate management

What are the release dates for A Departmental Case - 1917?

A Departmental Case - 1917 was released on: USA: July 1917

What are departmental objectives?

The aims or goals of a business are set to the department. Might be developed by the departmental heads in conjunction with those who set organizational objectives. Objectives will sometimes be presented to departmental heads rather than agreed with them. Every single member of the department needs to be aware of the departmental objectives.

What preposition follows the verb undertaking?

The preposition "of" typically follows the verb "undertaking." For example, "She is in the process of undertaking a new project."

How are departmental rates calculated?

Departmental rates are calculated by dividing the weighted wage rate for the department by the number of employees.

What is the difference between a Deed of Undertaking and a Deed of Assignment?

deed of undertaking

What is the legal forms of vsnl is it a departmental undertaking?

VSNL was disinvested in 2002 when the NDA government was in power and Arun Shourie was the disinvestment minister. Stringent guidelines were put in the sale clause, wherein no benefit was to accrue to the bidder from the de-merged land and its sale or any form of revenue and shareholding in the resultant company.

Preparing departmental trading and profit and loss account?

When preparing departmental trading and a profit and loss account, expenses must be taken into account first. These include departmental expenses, and common expenses, including administrative expenses.