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it means that the penalty the other team had, you don't want the yardage to be added on. Say if it were third down and ten, and the offense didn't get the first down. I would decline the penalty so it would be fourth down. the team would most likely punt the ball to you

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Q: What is declining a football penalty means?
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Is faceguarding in college football a penalty?

Yes faceguarding is a penalty in college football

If someone playing football puts the football in their pants and runs what penalty will be called?

There is no penalty for that

Is there a football penalty intent to deceive?

There is no evidence that such a penalty exists in any football league currently.

What is the penalty for spearing in football?

Spearing is a fifteen yard penalty.

What does flag on the play mean in football?

It means that there was a penalty on the previous play The flag is the thing the referees throw out

What is the penalty for hurdling in high school football?

It is considered a personal foul and is a 15 yard penalty. -Football official

Why is your debit card declining?

If your debit card is declining that means there are not funds to cover the transaction.

What is the penalty called for pushing from behind in football?

This penalty is called "Clipping".

Can you tackle in flag football?

If you tackle in flag football it is a penalty.

What is a flag in a football game?

a penalty

Is tripping a penalty in football?


Is spitting a penalty offense in football?


How do you get a penalty in football?

Break the rules

In football if you do a penalty but you still made the catch what happens?

It depends on who made the penalty.

How many yards are accessed for an offside penalty in football?

Offsides is a 5 yard penalty.

Can you pass a penalty in football?

Yes, you may decline a penalty under certain conditions.

Why turndown the penalty in football?

Most penalties result in replaying the down. Sometimes it is more beneficial to take the result of the play and not replay the down. Example, on 3rd and 10 there is a holding penalty on the offense during a 2 yard run. Accepting the penalty makes it 3rd and 20, declining makes it 4th and 8. On 4th down the offense should punt.

What is the penalty for calling two timeouts in a row in high school football?

The penalty is a 5-Yard " Delay of Game " penalty

What is declining a penalty?

Declining a penalty is when the team not receiving the penalty turns down the penalty on the other team. Penalties usually result in a loss or gain of yards and a replay of the down.ExampleIf the offense runs a play on third down and ends up four yards short of a first down but commits an offensive penalty the defense would most likely want to decline that penalty so that the third down play stands. If they were to accept the penalty the offense would get another shot and making the third down yardage even though it would be 9 yards to go (5 yard penalty) or 14 yards to go (10 yard penalty). Even though the penalty would back up the offense why give them another shot at completing third down yardage. Declining the penalty makes it fourth down with four yards to go and they most likely punt.

Who missed 1986 football all Ireland penalty?

Kevin McCabe scored a point from the penalty in the 1986 All-Ireland Senior Football Final.

IN professional football roughing the passer is a penalty?

Yes, roughing the passer is a penalty. It calls for a 15 yard penalty on the offending team.

What is the width of the penalty area on a football pitch?


Is pushing a college football player out of bounds a penalty?


How far out is penalty spot in football?

12 Yards

What dose a yellow flag mean in football?


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