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Cross-country skiing is a sport of skiing over the countryside rather than on downhill runs.

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Q: What is croos country skiing?
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Is cross country skiing the same as skiing?

There are several types of skiing and one of them is cross-country skiing.

What is another name for back country skiing?

Back country skiing is where one hikes to the crest of a hill, and alpines down. A type of skiing similar to back country skiing is telemark skiing. Back country skiing has no synonyms.

What is faster cross-country skiing or running?

Cross-country skiing.

What is Olympic cross-country skiing?

Olympic cross-country skiing is many people racing to see who can get to the finish line faster by cross-country skiing, or skiing on flat land.

Is nordic downhill skiing?

No, nordic skiing is same as cross-country skiing.

What types of skiing are there in the Olympics?

Alpine Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Free-Style Skiing, Ski Jumping

Which country did skiing come from?

Skiing originally comes from Norway.

What is cross-country skiing?

skiing on basically flat terrain

What is another name for cross-country skiing?

Nordic skiing.

Is nordic skiing the same as cross country skiing?


What is cross-country skiing also called?

Nordic skiing.

What country does the word skiing come from?

Skiing is originally from Norway.

What is the another name for Nordic skiing?

Cross-country skiing.

What are three types of skiing you could participate in?

Water skiing, Downhill skiing, cross country skiing, freestyle skiing, ski jumping, so on.

What is the croos?

we are cool

In skiing what is another name for cross country racing?

Nordic skiing.

What country's the best at cross country skiing?


Which country is the best at Cross-country skiing?


What is crosscontry skiing?

*Cross country* skiing is where you are skiing on flat terrain. It's much more work than skiing down a hill.

Is Alpine downhill skiing the same as skiing?

Yes however in alpine skiing you tend to be in the Alps and no uphill cross country skiing is involved

Another name for cross country skiing beginning with N?

Nordic skiing.

Is Austria a skiing country?

Yes. Austria is best in the world in alpine skiing.

What is the most popular country for skiing?

It depends what type of skiing you want to do. There is cross county, helicopter skiing and downhill.

Is cross country skiing downhill?


In what country could you go skiing in July?

In every country that have skiing on Glaciers for example France and Austria or in the southern hemisphere.