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Q: What is critical to know the end quantifiable objective so progress can be measured against the goal?
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How do the courts define adequate progress?

There is no measurable, quantifiable measure of this definition. It is a totally subjective view of the case, taken in its totality, by the presiding judge.

How is progress measured against your work objectives?


Can critical work in progress exceed the number of stations in a line?


Why are campaign objectives set in measurable terms?

Measurable terms ensure that:Everyone involved understands the impact and cost of achieving the said objective.Progress can be MEASURED to monitor the progress, gauge completion and efficiently plan ahead.The objective is actually reachable and therefore worthwhile to actually invest in.

In Evidence of Progress What is Macaulay's opinion of progress?

Macaulay believed that progress is evidence of societal advancement and improvement. He argued that the progress of society could be measured by advancements in knowledge, government, and quality of life. Macaulay saw progress as a positive force that uplifts society and leads to a better future.

Can a division manager develop verifiable goals or objective?

Ya he can he should do this for the progress of the company as well as the benefits of the country

When you see the Microsoft progress bar appear you know the?

When you see the Microsoft progress bar appear, you know the ____, including all critical services and drivers, has loaded. Answer: Windows Kernel

What is project assurance?

Project assurance is, essentially, a project evaluation technique. It is when an objective and neutral party reviews a project and reports the progress.

What statement accurately reflects what occurs during Developmental Test and Evaluation?

Assessing progress toward meeting critical technical parameters.

What is the objective of business management?

The Basic Management Objective is Panasonic's business philosophy that embodies our mission and devotion to the progress of society and the well being of the people worldwide through our business activities. "Recognizing our responsibilities as industrialists, we will devote ourselves to the progress and development of society and the well-being of people through our business activities, thereby enhancing the quality of life throughout the world." Thanks, Chris Powell

How a society treats women is often a good indicator of its level of sophisticationexplain?

Karl Marx: "Social progress can be measured by the social position of the female sex."

What is the difference between in process and in progress?

When something is in a process, that means that there are several known steps being taken to complete an objective, and there are more to complete in order to reach the goal. In progress means that just one step is being taken, and is currently on its way to becoming completed.