What is cricket called in hindi?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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Parker Kiehn

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lamb danda gol pind dharpakad pratiyogita

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Q: What is cricket called in hindi?
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What is the Hindi word for 'Cricket'?

The word Cricket is a noun and name of a sporting game. So, in Hindi too, it is called and pronounced as cricket as in English.

Information on cricket game Translate it into Hindi language?

Type text or a website address or translate a document.CancelEnglish to Hindi translationक्रिकेट

Information about cricket in Hindi?

search cricket in google, Open wikipedia of cricket, under the language section, select hindi

Where the gully cricket is played?

Gully cricket is played in India. Actually, 'gully' is the hindi language term for a narrow street. Lot of young children play cricket in the streets of India and that is why it is called gully cricket.

Cricket information in Hindi?

Cricket is a outdoor game . In cricket there are 11 players . In cricket there are use bat, ball, and etc.

History of cricket in Hindi languages?

Cricket in Hindi had a rough start because players had to continue to work on the sport after several defeats. Looking at the rules in the Hindi language and practicing them have led to some major wins for players.

Would you given me an Essay on Indian cricket player in Hindi?

Indian cricket team is the highest of all.

What Hindi term 'nabad' stands for in Cricket?

The term 'nabad' is used for 'not out'.

What is octopus called in Hindi?

Octopus in Hindi is called 'oshtopodi' in Hindi.

What refrigerator called in Hindi?

It is called fridge in hindi.

What dill called in Hindi?

its called 'hridaya' IN HINDI

What is called there in Hindi?

wahan is the word which is called in Hindi for there.