What is cost of field turf per roll?

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i believe it is about $1009 a roll so quiet expensive =)

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Q: What is cost of field turf per roll?
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What is the average cost of field turf per square foot?

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How much does turf cost?

High-quality artificial turf, as is used on many athletic fields, is a little over $5 per square foot. For a soccer field, the total cost will be between $350,000 and $420,000, depending on the size of the field and how much of the surrounding space (player benches and such) you want covered.

How much does felt paper cost per roll?


How much do lettuce cost?

2.25 per roll

How do you figure the cost per inch of a 200 foot roll of vinyl Cost per 200 foot roll is 57.00 The vinyl is 2 inches wide - need cost per inch of this roll?

If the vinyl is 2 inches wide and you need the cost for 1 inch, it is half the cost - and that is 57.00/2 = 28.50

How do you Convert cost per square meter to cost per lineal meter?

The cost per linear meter is the cost per square meter times by the width of the roll.

How much do viva paper towels cost?

the cost is $1 per roll

How much does a roll barb wire cost?

$1.40 per foot

How much is artificial turf?

Depends on the quality of the turf, but generally it ranges from $2 to $4 per square foot.

i require 4x4metres of astro turf. how much would that cost?

you will know everything after visiting this website You are looking at anywhere between $96.75 to $165.55, depending on the quality of astro turf. 4 square meters is about 43 square feet and astro turf costs anywhere between $2.25 - $3.85 per square foot.

How much money does it cost to make egg rolls?

Approximately 10 to 20 dollars per roll

How much did barbed wire cost in the 1800s?

$2 per 1000 ft roll invented 1873

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