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You win.

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Q: What is correct to say you win or you wins?
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What is correct may the best girl wins or may the best girl win?

May the best girl win. Win is a weird word, when you saying that someone just won, it's "She wins!" unless it's a group that won, then it's "They won!"

How do you say won in latin?

vinco, vincere, vici, víctum This means "to conquer." To say, "I win" or "I conquer" you would say, "Vinco." Vinces - You win Vincet - He wins and so on.

Why did Vernonia win against Acton?

What did you just say?! Wins against acton? Are you solidly touched?? Who wins against acton anyway??

What is right Dallas win or Dallas wins?

The right answer is: Dallas wins, not Dallas win.

Who wins yugi or jaden?

well i say that jaden won but it seemed like it was a win for

What should you do if you like a boy and so does your friend?

I'd say flip a coin if she wins she gets the boy if you win you do.

What type of word is win?

The word "win" is a noun (win, wins) and a verb(win, wins, winning, won). Examples:Noun: Today's win puts our team in the running for the championship.Verb: He set out to win her heart.

What is national supremacy?

It means that the most votes win like let's say a law is set and they say national supremacy wins, the most votes

Who actually wins the World Cup 2010?

As a German supporter, I'll say Germany will win the trophy.Ask who will win the 2010 FIFA World Cup? for a more generalised answer.

Is the word win is a noun?

Yes, the word 'win' is a noun (win, wins) and a verb (win, wins, winning, won).Example:One more win and we will be in the finals. (noun)I hope to win a scholarship that will help with my expenses. (verb)

Why will Romney win?

He didn't win and Obama did instead. Rather you win or lose depends on the amount of votes you get. The person with the most votes wins and Obama got the most.

Who is the favorite to win the world cup?

It odds were leaning against a Spain, Brasil final and the odds say Spain wins it.i believe Germany will win thin in 2014.