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One of the greatest victories for softball enthusiasts occurred in 1991 with

the addition of women's fast pitch softball to the program of the 1996

Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia. In fact, the USA defeated China 3-1 to

capture softball's first Olympic Gold Medal. On that July 30, day a capacity

crowd of over 8,700 witnessed the USA win behind the pitching of Michele

Granger of Anchorage, Alaska and Lisa Fernandez of Long Beach,


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Q: What is considered to be one of the most greatest victories for softball enthusiasts?
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What is considered to be one of the greatest victories for softball enthusiasts?

Greece Hancock

In fast pitch games which players must wear helmets?

the catcher and the batter In addition all base runners on deck batter and any player coaching first or third base.

Who is the greatest softball catcher?

Stacey NuvemanShe was on three U.S. Olympic softball teams, and helped lead the way to many Olympic victories.

Who invinted Softball?

George Hancock is considered the true inventor of softball.

These are considered part of the official uniform in softball?


Who is the greatest black softball player of all time?

Natasha Watley

Who is the greatest catcher of all time in womens softball?

Dottie Green

What is a foul ball considered in softball?

A foul ball is considered a strike in softball if you catch it its an out. but if it bounces of a fence an you catch it its not an out. If it bounces of an that would have been the third stike then its an out

Who are the lady hounds?

the lady hounds are the New Wilmington Area High School softball team.....the greatest softball team ever

What are some softball awards?

offensive mvp, defensive mvp, greatest homeruns

Do you have to play high school softball to get into college softball?

Not necessarily, most softball recruiting is done through travel/summer teams. Also, many softball programs are not that good and could be considered a waste of time.

Who was the greatest person to play softball?

In my opinion, I'd say Jennie Finch. She is my idol.

How would a softball team get to asa nationals?

well first you would have to play in some local asa tournaments and you accumilate points based on participation and victories

What type of sport is softball?

Softball is a variation of baseball. It is played on a smaller field than baseball and with a larger ball. Baseball and softball are considered a Bat and Ball (Safe Haven) type of Physical sport.

Can you bowl with a twisted knee injury?

That is probably not a good idea. Have you considered softball?

What are the NCAA softball rules on redshirting?

NCAA rules for redshirting in softball are basically the same as other sports. An academic sophomore can be considered an athletic freshman.

Who is considered the inventor of softball?

The first softball game was played on Thanksgiving Day in 1887. They players played inside of a gym at Farragut Boat club, located in Chicago, IL. The believed inventor of softball is George Hancock.

What year the softball game was invented?

1887 and it was 20 men who first started playing. George Hancock is considered to be the guy who started it all it was in Chicago and it wasn't called softball it was indoor baseball but it had all the rules that softball has.

How many innings must be played in NFHS softball to be considered a legal game?


Strike zone in slow pitch softball?

Anything that hits the plate is considered a strike.

What is considered a strike in softball?

Just like regular baseball, a strike is from the waists to the shoulders up.

Why softball is better than softball?

They are the same thing!! "Why softball is better than softball?"

Who are the 10 greatest softball players?

Cat Osterman, Jennie Finch, Monica Abbott, Angela Tincher to name a few.

What is the slowest softball pitch?

The slowest pitch in softball is the change-up. It is used to batter swing off-balanced. Off-balanced batters tend to hit more pop-fly's than balanced batters. Pop-flys are considered the easiest out in softball.

What is softball in Tagalog?

softball in Tagalog: softball (no Tagalog translation)