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Just like in any other sport, there are boundaries around the field. However, if the disc flies past the boundaries, it is not necessarily out of bounds yet. Quality players curve the disc out of bounds and back in and, if caught in bounds, is still considered in and good. If a player jumps from in bounds and catches and throws the disc in play, before he hits the ground, that is considered in and good (this is commonly known as "the greatest" due to its difficulty to accomplish). Once the disc hits the ground out of play or a player catches the disc out of bounds, it is considered a dead disc.

Also recognize that if the disc hits the ground, in the field or past the boundaries, it is a turnover and the other team picks up the disc.

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Q: What is considered out of bounds in ultimate frisbee?
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Is physical contact allowed in ultimate frisbee?

No, no physical contact is allowed in Ultimate Frisbee. That would be considered a foul and the play would reset.

How is ultimate frisbee spelled?

Ultimate Frisbee is the correct way to spell it.

Can you handoff the frisbee in ultimate frisbee?

No, that would be considered a "travel" and the play would reset. To be considered a fair toss and not a travel, the disc would have to completely leave your hands.

Why is ultimate frisbee so dumb?

Ultimate Frisbee is not considered an Olympic sport because it's a fairly young sport. However, Ultimate is recognized by the Olympic Committee

Is physical contact allowed in Ultimate?

No, no physical contact is allowed in Ultimate Frisbee. That would be considered a foul and the play would reset.

Ultimate Frisbee alternative sport?

Frisbee golf

What country is Ultimate Frisbee popular in?

Ultimate Frisbee is most popular in New Zealand and the United States.

Is ultimate frisbee win by two?

No, you do not have to win by two in Ultimate Frisbee, just first to 13 or whatever you are playing to.

Is there a Frisbee national championship?

I wouldn't say 'national championship' but the professional sport of frisbee is 'ultimate frisbee'.

Can you get a scholarship for Ultimate Frisbee?


What sport is the frisbee throwing called?

Ultimate Frisbee is the 'football-esque' version of frisbee, but there is also disk golf.

What is the role of a handler in Ultimate Frisbee?

The handler in Ultimate Frisbee is responsible for throwing the frisbee to another player, called the cutter. The handler is an offensive position much like a quarterback in football.