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A completed turn in the batter's box. This could result in a hi,walk, sacrifice fly. sacrifice bunt, hit by pitch, or catchers interference. The at bat is not a plate appearance if the 3rd out is recorded before the batter has done one of the above. The batter would lead off the next inning with a 0-0 count.

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walks count as plate appearance but doesnt count as a time at bat

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Q: What is considered a plate appearance in baseball?
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What does not counts as a plate appearance in baseball?

When you do not go to the bat.

A sacrifice bunt in baseball doesn't seem to count against on base percentage is a sacrifice bunt therefore not considered to be a plate appearance?

It is in fact the only stat that may not be included as a plate appearance. While unique it is also confusing because it is up to the discretion of the scorekeepers as to whether or not the batter was bunting in an attempt to make it on base, or if they were indeed bunting to progress other players. If the scorekeeper rules that the player was in fact trying to progress other players with a disregard for whether or not they themselves make first base, then indeed it does not count as a plate appearance (unlike a sacrifice fly which regardless of the intention will always count as a plate appearance, but not an at bat.)

What is an official Major League Baseball plate appearance?

An official Major League Baseball plate appearance is any instance in which a batter complete any of his turns while batting however an official at-bat is also an official at-bat in which a player completes his turn batting except he does not receive credit for an official at-bat in the event of walking, being hit by a pitching as well as if his plate appearance results in the actions of the action of a sacrifice fly or a sacrifice hit.

In baseball what does AB mean?

AB is the abbreviation for At Bat. A player is credited with an At Bat for every plate appearance that results in a hit or an out.

What does bat mean?

What does an at bat mean compared to a plate appearance

Difference between baseball at bat rather than Official at bat?

There are 'at bats' and 'plate appearances'. A plate appearance is considered an official at bat. At bats are used in determining a player's batting average. Bases on balls, sacrifices, hit by pitch, sacrifice flies, and catcher's interference do not count as an at bat but they do count as a plate appearance. This is because, if an at bat were credited for a base on balls, hit by pitch, etc., the player's batting average would go down each time they drew a walk or got hit by a pitch and this, obviously, would be unfair.

What does At bat mean?

What does an at bat mean compared to a plate appearance

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