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It's pretty simple really - a pitcher is credited with a complete game if he is the only pitcher for his team in an official game. There is some argument as to whether a pitcher would be credited with a complete game if say, the starting pitcher didn't get any outs, then a reliever came in and finished the game. He got all the outs in the game - so did he get a complete game? Semantics, semantics...

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Q: What is considered a complete game pitched in baseball?
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How many innings for a major league baseball game to be considered complete?


Complete game baseball?

It looks like you're asking what a complete baseball game is. A full game is played in 9 innings, considering there is no tie, but during bad weather or any other phenomenon that may end a game early, a game is considered a complete game after the 5th inning and the score is final if ended from then on.

Who pitched the most complete game shutouts?

In MLB, that is Walter Johnson with 110 career complete game shutouts.

How many innings must be played for a major league baseball game to be considered complete?

9 innings

Who pitched in the Padres first game?

Dick Selma threw a complete game in the PAdres' first ever game.

What is a complete game in baseball?

When a starting pitcher pitches a game from start to finish he is credited a complete game.

What does CG stand for in baseball?

Complete Game, a stat for pitchers. This means that the pitcher has pitched through the entire game without any relief help from the bullpen, and has played all 9 innings.

What happens if a baseball game is rained out?

If the game does not have enough innings to be considered a complete game (4 innings) than the game is post poned to a different day. The game picks up where it left off.

Where was the last baseball game pitched by Whitey Ford?

The last game pitched by Whitey Ford was on May 21, 1967 at Tiger Stadium.

What is the least number of innings for a complete baseball game?

In MLB, the team that is behind must have at least five full at bats for a baseball game to be considered complete. If the home team is ahead, the game must go 4 1/2 innings. If the home team is behind, the game must go 5 innings.

What percentage of major league baseball players have pitched a game at some point in their life?

Going back to 1871, out of 17172 baseball players, 8240 have pitched in at least one game, 48%

What is considered a complete game in baseball?

A complete game is different from an official game. A pitcher can throw a complete game if he or she pitches every inning until the final out is made. In the major leagues it is usually 9 innings. An official game also has a definition. After the 5th inning, in the major leagues, it is an official game. If the home team is winning by the middle of the 5th inning and the game is called due to weather or some other reason there is no need to play the bottom of the 5th for the game to be considered an official game. Whomever is in the lead at the end of the 5th inning or later is considered the winner.

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