What is coach pitch baseball?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Coach pitch Baseball is a youth type of baseball, usually the step after T-ball and before player pitch. In coach pitch, the coaches of each team will pitch to the opposing team and with the intent of allowing the hitters to hit, or put the ball in play, rather than attempting to strike the batter out. Coach pitch is usually for ages 6-8, but can vary a year or so in age groups. Many coach pitch leagues have gone to a pitching machine rather than have the coach pitch, and will have a team player playing next to the pitch machine as a fielder.

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Coach pitch baseball has many different rules in many different organizations. Depending on the age of the group may also be a factor.

For the most part the rules of coach pitch are the same as real baseball with a few exceptions.

The following may be different in coach pitch:

1.No infield fly

2.Infielders can call time out even if runners are running. A runner will either be called back or advance to the next base based on whether he was more than half way or not.

3.The batters usually get 5 pitches or 3 strikes before called out.

4.There is no bunting.

5.There are four outfielders.

6.Teams usually hit a full line up and not 9 hitters.

7.The game usually plays 6 innings or an hour and a half.

Rules are different for every organizations so it may be better to ask your league.

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Q: What is coach pitch baseball?
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