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Q: What is coach george halas middle name?
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What is George halas's middle name?


When did George Halas die?

George Halas was born on February 2, 1895.

What is the middle name of the founder of Chicago Bears?

The team was established by the A. E. Staley Company of Decatur, Illinois in 1919 as a company team. The team was known as the Decatur Staleys and joined the NFL as a charter member in 1920. The team moved to Chicago the following season and changed its name to Bears. After suffering financial losses despite a 10-1-2 record, company founder and namesake Augustus E. Staley turned control of the team to George Halas in 1921. Halas moved the team to Chicago and took on teammate as a partner. The newly minted "Chicago Staleys" won the NFL championship that year. They took the name Bears in 1922 as a tribute to baseball's Chicago Cubs which permitted the Bears to play their games at Wriggly Field.

What does GSH mean?

It is the name of the founder and famous former coach of the Bears, George S. Halas. He was also a founder of the American Professional Football Association, renamed to the National Football League(NFL). He was owner of the bears for 63 years and was the coach for 40 years.

What is the name of the trophy if you are playing from in the NFC?

George Halas (longtime leader of the Chicago Bears) Trophy.

What is the birth name of Jaroslava Halas?

Jaroslava Halas's birth name is Jaroslava Halasov.

What was the name of Chicago Bears in 1922?

They were called the Decatur Staleys. They were founded by George Stanley Halas in Decatur, Illinois.

What is George Bush's middle name?

George Bush's middle name is Walker

What is George Canyon's middle name?

George is his middle name, his first name is Frederick.

What is George Shelley's middle name?

George shelley's middle name is paul.

What is George Glover's middle name?

His middle name was 'Keyworth'; the full name George Keyworth Glover.