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Q: What is clean driving record in Canada?
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What does an employer consider a clean driving record?

A clean driving record would be a record that is free from accidents, moving violations, tickets in general, and one that has no points.

How can you clean up your driving record?


If you have accidents on your Illinois record is your Indiana driving record clean?

NO,, They share all this information between the states now days. You driving record is your driving record no matter what state you go too.

Would your driving record prevent you from getting a cab license?

Not if it's a CLEAN record!

Who has the lowest auto insurance rates for a forty year old driver with a clean driving record?

GEICO has the lowest auto insurance rates for a forty year old driver with a clean driving record\

How long does a DUI stay on your driving record in Alberta Canada?


How much is car insurance for a classic car?

I had a 1965 EL COMINO my insurance was $21.00 a month, of coarse clean driving record So it really depends on your driving record.

Does Georgia speeding ticket affect Canadian driving record?

No it does not. GA does not report to Canada.

What will high risk auto insurance cost if have a clean record for over ten years with the same insurance company?

If your Driving Record is clean for over ten years, then you are not considered a high risk driver

Why would a job application ask about your personal and work-related driving experience?

Start with how many years you have been driving. Then let them know how many years you have been driving professionaly. If you have a clean DMV record, please mention this as well. Don't lie. If you have a clean driving record, say so. If you don't -- well, you are probably wasting your time filling out an application for this job.

How do you erase driving record in Illinois?

If you have any type of driving violation or conviction in the USA or canada, it will negatively affect your driving record, and without a clear driving record, getting car insurance quotes can be difficult and more expensive. Your driving record is a record kept by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of any and all your noted traffic violations and convictions. tickets and car accidents are given “points,” and these points make up your driving record. you can receive 1-2 points for a traffic ticket and 1 point for a car accident. How long a point stays on your record depends on the type of traffic incident and violation received. Most points will stay on your record for 39 months, yet more serious driving offenses, such as driving under the influence, will remain on your record for 13 years, if not longer. i was referred to whitehacker after reading so many good reviews about the hacker’s services and i must confess i don’t regret contacting whitehacker, in less than 5 days the hacker has been able to clear points from my driving record and activated my suspended license. if what you need is a clean driving record, i recommend you contact whitehacker ASAP, download ''wickr me'' from your app store, register on the app, add up the username 'whitehacker' and request clearing your driving record.

How long does under 21 DUI stay on record in GA?

A DUI conviction for someone under 21 years old in Georgia stays on their driving record for at least 10 years. This could affect their ability to obtain a clean driving record for employment or insurance purposes.