What is cheering and clapping mean?

Updated: 12/6/2022
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Q: What is cheering and clapping mean?
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Does the movie black swan open with clapping cheering or dancing?


What does the movie black swan open with dancing clapping or cheering?

It opens with dancing. No clapping or cheering. There seem to be the sound of a passing train lightly in the back ground briefly.

What is one word for cheering and clapping?

that would be 'applause' .

What is the possessive noun of audience?

The possessive form is audience's. Example:The audience's reaction was a lot clapping and cheering.

What kind of cheer is acceptable after ballet performance?

Clapping and sometimes just normal cheering/ screaming in acceptable after a ballet performance.

What does Gandhi mean when he says No clapping is possible without two hands to do it?

Try clapping with one!

What happened when the titanic had been found?

In the video, Dr.Ballard and his team are clapping and cheering when they found the wreck but after the cameras were off, he wept. This was, after all, an event where fifteen hundred people knew they were going to die.

When cheering what does WPS mean?

Whoo pig sooie

Which is correct - the crowd was cheering or the crowd were cheering?

the crowd was cheering

What does the expression 'raise the roof' mean?

The expression "raise the roof" is an idiomatic phrase that means to create a noisy and joyful celebration or to generate a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. It can be used figuratively to describe a situation where people are showing great enthusiasm, energy, and loudness.

When was The Clapping Song created?

The Clapping Song was created in 1965.

Is cheering an adjective?

It can be (cheering crowds). Cheering is the present participle of the verb (to chafe) and can be an adjective or a noun (gerund).