What is checking in hockey?

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Checking is a call that happens only when a player nails somebody into the boards.

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Q: What is checking in hockey?
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When does checking start in hockey?

in pewee is when checking starts

Would hockey be the same without checking?

no hockey wouldn't be the same, checking makes the game exciting

What is a good hockey magazine title?

checking checking and he is down

What are Types of checking in hockey?

Back checking, fore checking and the classic hip check are a few examples.

Is checking allowed in roller hockey?

lol? no...

When is checking in hockey allowed?

Checking in hockey is not allowed at all in women's leagues or in leagues where children play. In men's leagues, checking is generally allowed as long as the players are not checking from behind, charging, or throwing another player into the boards.

Are girls tough in hockey?

Yes, girls are tough in hockey. Although there is no checking in girls hockey, unlike boys, they can still play just as good and competitively!

What is checking in ice hockey?

Checking is basically running into another player and pushing them over or using your body force and momentum to do it.

5 rules of hockey?

you cant trip, no holding, no checking in mites through peewee, no cross checking, and you cannot stand in the crease

Are you allowed to hit people in ice hockey?

It depends. In men's ice hockey you are allowed to hit people. In woman's ice hockey you can get a 2 minute minor penalty for body checking.

In hockey what is cross checking?

Shoving a player with your stick held parallel to the ice with both hands.

What age does checking become legal in Youth Hockey?

Ages 12-13, PeeWee level

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