What is chariot and battering rams?

Updated: 12/2/2022
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Q: What is chariot and battering rams?
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What simple machines are in a battering ram?

We studied the Assyrians and built a battering ram, chariot and a siege ... Chariots, battering rams and siege towers all make use of simple machines.

Why where battering rams used in ancient Assyria?

Battering rams were used in ancient Assyria to break down the gates of besieged cities.

What military advantages did the Assyrians have?

The powerful chariot and siege weapons (catapults and battering rams) that the Assyrians invented.

How were crusader castles defended?

By battering rams.

What does the use of medieval battering rams tell you about medieval life?

Mostly it tells me that they didn't have modern artillery and explosives which work much better than battering rams.

What replaced the battering ram?

Battering rams became "old hat" when gunpowder became widely used in the West.

Why were battering rams used in ancient Egypt?

Battering rams were considered one of the strongest siege weapons, able to break down doors almost effortlessly. If rams were used in ancient Egypt, then they would have been used as heavy siege weapons.

How were battering rams used in mesopotamian times?

They were used by putting them in there butts

How did the English defend themselves from battering rams?

A raised draw-bridge over a deep, wide moat made using a battering-ram difficult.

What do battering rams do and how do they work?

Battering rams were used in the Medieval period for basically ramming the fort or castle gate down, hence the name "battering ram". A group of about ten men (five on each side) would wheel it down to the gates and start swinging the center of the battering ram (a long log with usually a rams head at the front, attached by rope.) They keep on knocking until the gate has been destroyed.Source taken from "Rome Total War" try it!

How did they build battering rams?

with logs of wood watch braveheart you might learn something

What are siege weapon and what are they used for?

They are like battering rams and they are used to make people surrender.