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Hanging around with 20/25 year olds.......true stuff

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Q: What is cesc fabregas's girlfriend occupation?
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Where is she fabregas girlfriend?

With Cesc in London

Does cesc fabergas have a girlfriend?

yes. he is. her name is carla

Is cesc's girlfriend spanish?

yes and she lives with him in london.

Who is carla fabregas?

she is the long time girlfriend of cesc fabregas

What is name of Cesc Fabregas' girlfriend?

Her name is Daniella Semaan.

Has cesc fabregas got a girlfriend?

Yes. Her name is Daniella Semaan.

What does cesc fabregas' girlfriend do?

She works for Radar sponsorship as an account executive

Is cesc fabregas's girlfriend pregnant?

not yet, but tried for twins or more

Does cesc fabregas have a pet?

Yes, but it is his girlfriend's dog, called Cloe.

Is Carla Fabregas Cesc's wife?

aínàne joè avíero, Cristiano Ronaldo's sister.

When was CESC Limited created?

CESC Limited was created in 1897.

What is CESC Limited's population?

The population of CESC Limited is 10,000.