What is castling in chess?

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Castling in Chess is usually used to protect the king and/or begin the development of the rook. There are some restrictions. First, there can't be any pieces between the king and the rook. Second, you can't castle if you have already moved the king or the rook you want to castle with. Third, if the square beside the king and between the king and the rook is under attack, you cannot castle. (You'd be moving the king "across" an attacked square, which is not allowed.) Lastly, you cannot castle if your king is in check. (You cannot castle to get out of check.) To castle, first move the king two squares towards the rook on the side you wish to castle on. Then pick up the rook and put it on the square that king "passed over" when it was moved to castle.

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Q: What is castling in chess?
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Do you get another move after castling in chess?

No. Castling counts as a move.

What is the algebraic notation of castling in chess?

Kingside castling= O-O Queenside castling= O-O-O

What is the opening move in chess called?


How many spaces can the king move when castling in chess?

He moves two spaces if castling on his own side, and three if castling on the queen's side.

When was castling move of chess game made?

According to one source, castling was introduced about 1555 a.d.

What is o-o in chess?

Castling King's side. Castling Queen's side is o-o-o

What is the castling move called?

Castling is also known as enroking. In chess notation, king-side castling is denoted as "O-O" while queen-side castling is denoted as "O-O-O".

What is good about castling in chess?

Castling is good, because: 1. It helps defend your king. 2. It can bring out a rook into the board.

Is there a move called castling in chess?

Yes , Castling is a move - see related link below for instructions regarding how and when you can Castle .

Names of chess moves?

Some are en passant, castling, and queening.

What does castling do in chess?

Castling in chess will help to place the king in a better defensive position and also brings the rook into a better playing position . Castling is a great aid in defensive strategy. Castling also has a tendency to bring a powerful rook into play when under normal circumstances it might be stuck behind a wall of pawns .

Do you have to touch the king first when you are castling in chess?

Yes, when castling one must touch the king first. If one touches the rook first, it is not castling - only the rook can be moved during that turn.

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