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Q: What is called when to grab the ball off of the rim or backboard after a shot is missed?
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Can a shooter recover his own shot that did not hit rim or backboard?

Yes and no. If someone else touched the ball, then you are eligible to touch the ball again. If no one touched it and you grab it again, it is considered traveling.

Can any player touch the top of the backboard?

yes lebron James can reach up and grab a roll of quarters off the top of a nba backboard

If a basketball is shot and hits the backboard can the same player catch it and dribble?

yes, as long as it hits anything, except for the net alone. in college you can actually shoot an airball and grab the ball.

To grab a ball as it flies through the air?

to catch the ball

How do you do a rugby workout?

Grab a ball and run.

How do you grab a smash ball?

You hit it repeatedly.

Can a person shooting a free throw rebound their own miss?

Yes, but it most touch the rim first or if it completely missed the rim, they could grab the air ball before it goes out of bounds or if anyone else grabs it.

Can you grab the ball from the opposing team player in basketball?

Yes, you can. This is called stealing the ball, a concept that is heavily used throughout the game. If you happen to hit your opponent while attempting to steal the ball (hitting his wrist, arm, body, etc.), that is a foul, and you will not get the ball.

When does a Toss-up put the ball into play?

a toss up is used when two players of the opposite tem grab the ball at the same time, the ref throws the ball in the air and the two players jump and try and grab the ball first. the game then continues from there

How can you play with yourself as a girl?

grab a bat and ball and go nuts!

Is it a legal move in basketball to grab the ball from an opponents hands?


What is steal in basketball?

A Steal in basketball is when you stael the ball from your oponent. so if ou either intersept the ball when he is about to shoot or when you grab the ball from him when he is dribling

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