What is bye week?

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Bye week is a term used in sports to refer to the week that teams take off to rest. During bye week there are no games or team activities.

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Q: What is bye week?
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B.u.y week in NFL football?

No such thing as a B.U.Y week in the NFL. Did you mean BYE week? A bye week is when the team doesn't play that week. Every team has a bye week. Starts a few weeks into the season.

What are the release dates for Kendra - 2009 Bye-Bye Bye Week 3-6?

Kendra - 2009 Bye-Bye Bye Week 3-6 was released on: USA: 12 December 2010

Why is there a bye week in football?

there is a bye week so a team can rest and train because they play football every week.

How do you make a 9 team schedule for 9 weeks?

This will just be generic, but it's a start: Week 1: 1v2 4v9 5v8 6v7 Bye 3 Week 2: 1v8 2v5 3v4 7v9 Bye 6 Week 3: 1v5 2v8 3v7 6v4 Bye 9 Week 4: 2v9 3v8 4v7 5v6 Bye 1 Week 5: 1v6 7v5 8v4 9v3 Bye 2 Week 6: 1v9 4v5 6v3 7v2 Bye 8 Week 7: 1v3 2v4 6v9 7v8 Bye 5 Week 8: 1v7 3v2 5v9 6v8 Bye 4 Week 9: 2v6 4v1 5v3 8v9 Bye 7

What is the derivation of the word bye in sports?

The word bye in sports refers to a day or week in which a team does not play. It is most used in football, such as a team has a "bye week", meaning that this team does not play that particular week.

Who are the Patriots facing tonight?

They have a bye week this coming week.

What bye week do the ravens have in there 2010 season?

Week Eight.

What does bye mean in Spanish?

Bye is an English term (goodbye = adiós; bye as in off-week = descanso).

What is a buy week in football?

A bye week is a week in which a team does not play a game (does not have to be football)

What NFL teams have a bye week this week?

patriots and colts and dolphins

What does BYE stand for in Fantasy Football?

Bye stands for the week that that team doesn't play.

Who will the bears play this weekend?

they have a bye week

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