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I believe your referring to cosmic Bowling.

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Q: What is bowling with neon lights?
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What is knee light light?

Neon Light Neon Light

When were neon lights made?

Neon lights were first invented around 1910.

What is brighter neon or led lights?

Neon lights

When was Neon Lights created?

Neon Lights was created in 1978.

In a rebus puzzle what does knee lights mean?

Knee on lights = neon lights.

Brain teasers knee light?

If it looks something like this: KNEE LIGHT then the answer is 'neon light' (knee on light)

Can LED lights be neon lights at the same time, or are neon lights different?

Neon lamps and neon signs are NOT incandescent. The gas is not glowing because it is hot, but because it is ionized, and the current is passing through it. this is the web where I read about neon lights. createneon

What are neon lights used for?

Neon lights are used for decoration, advertizment, and entertainment.

What is the hidden meaning of knee lights?

knee on lights = neon lights knee on lights = neon lights

What objects contain neon in them?

neon lights.

Are all neon lights made up neon gases?

Neon is the most used gas in neon lights but it also contains argon, Krypton, Xenon

What is cosmic bowling?

Cosmic bowling is bowling with black lights on, not the standard bowling center lights. Usually the house balls, carpeting, and other decor glows. Usually centers have this type of bowling late at night during the weekend for open bowling.