What is bonus line in Kabaddi?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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what is the uses of bonus line in kabaddi

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Q: What is bonus line in Kabaddi?
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The term bonus line is used in which game?


In which game is the word bonus line used?

In the game of Kabaddi, there is a word bonus line. This is the national game of Bangladesh. The name Kabaddi is translated into English as meaning "holding hands".

What are the ratings and certificates for Kabaddi Kabaddi - 2003?

Kabaddi Kabaddi - 2003 is rated/received certificates of: India:U

How do you get out in kabasddi?

someone catches you before you get back across the line after tapping a person on the other side of the line, or you stop saying kabaddi.

What is the national governing body of kabaddi?

The national governing body of Kabaddi is Asian Kabaddi Federation (AKF).

When was Kabaddi - film - created?

Kabaddi - film - was created in 2009.

What is the measurement of kabaddi field?

SLFIELD MEASUREMENTS [IN METERS]MEN AND JUNIOR BOYS (Mtrs)WOMEN, GIRLS AND SUB-JUNIOR BOYS (Mtrs.)1. Side lines (AB, CD, EF & GH)12.5011 [length]2. End line (EH, FG)108 [width]3. Lobby) AE, BF, CG, DH)114. Baulk line [from mid line]3.7535. Mid-line [MN]1086. Sitting block [2 meters Away form midline]8 x 16 x 17.Court Each half of the play-field divided by the mid-line.8. Space surrounding the playfield 4 meters4 meters

How many player play in kabaddi?

kabaddi is the sport were you hit trees with rotten fish and you 4 small people to play it .

When was Ziaur Rahman - kabaddi - born?

Ziaur Rahman - kabaddi - was born in 1981.

Information on kabaddi a Punjabi game?

information on kabaddi apunjabi game in punjabi

When was Kamal Hossain - kabaddi - born?

Kamal Hossain - kabaddi - was born in 1978.

When was kabaddi invented?

Dil Kabaddi was created on 2008-12-05.