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3-9 through the 2008 season:

1996: Arizona State 56, Boise State 7

1997: Washington state 58, Boise State 0

1998: Washington State 33, Boise State 21

1999: UCLA 38, Boise State 7

2000: Washington State 42, Boise State 35

2001: Washington State 42, Boise State 20

2003: Oregon State 26, Boise State 24

2004: Boise State 53, Oregon State 34

2005: Oregon State 30, Boise State 27

2006: Boise State 42, Oregon State 14

2007: Washington 24, Boise State 10

2008: Boise State 37, Oregon 32

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3-1. They have played Oregon State 3 times (2-1) and Oregon once (1-0).

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Q: What is boise states record againest pac10teams since becoming a division 1A program in 1996?
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