What is blouse hoop?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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Q: What is blouse hoop?
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Blouse with a c brain teaser?

See through blouse

Rebus puzzle C blouse?

Usually the C will be through the middle of the word 'blouse' making it a: C through blouse, ie. see-through blouse

How do you say blouse in Australian?


What does blouse mean in English?

Shirt "blouse"

How do you use blouse in a sentence?

The word blouse is both a noun and a verb. The noun blouse is a word for a garment, usually worn by females. The verb blouse is to hang loosely or fully. Example uses:Noun: I have a pretty blouse to wear with this suit.Verb: Worn with a belt, this dress will blouse a bit above the waistline.

What rhymes with douse?

blouse, house

How do you say blouse in German?

The German translation of blouse is Bluse.

What is the difference between a Cast Hoop and Triple Flange hoop?

What is the difference between a Cast Hoop and Triple Flange hoop?

How do you spell hula hoop?

Hula hoop is spelled how you spelled it!

Is hoop a noun?

Yes the word 'hoop' is both a noun (hoop, hoops) and a verb (hoop, hoops, hooping, hooped).The noun hoop is a word for a circular band made of rigid material, a word for a thing.The verb to hoop is to surround, support, or bind with a hoop.

What do you need to dress like pippi longstocking?

Pippi Longstocking wore long, multicoloured-striped stockings, American-style sneakers and a short skirt, with a hoop-neck short-sleeved blouse. She had ginger hair done in pigtails, and lots of freckles!!

What country does the word blouse come from?

The word 'blouse' comes from France.