What is blocking in basketball?

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When the offender (person on offense) is driving (dribbling toward the basket) the defender may be called by the referee as a block. That is when you are moving with the offender, and you block them by sticking your foot out. A block is considered a foul, so be careful. I would suggest to avoid getting called for a block by picking a spot on the court and getting there before the offender. If you do that, keep your feet on the ground (if you move its a foul) and stand still. The offender will most likely dribble into you, and the offender will be called for a charge (ramming into you) and the offender will get the foul.

However, a block could also be a blocked shot or pass. that is when the defender hits the ball in the air. This is sometimes called getting stuffed. If the defender makes physical contact when doing this, then it is a foul on them. If they don't make physical contact, then it is not.

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Q: What is blocking in basketball?
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What blocking in basketball?

Blocking in basketball is when a defender blocks a shot, meaning that when a shot is put up a person playing defense can hit the ball away from the hoop.

What is blocking in basketball game?

blocking entails preventing a shot by an offensive player from making a score (basket)

Do you look at the basketball when you are blocking a shot?

When you are blocking a shot it is critical that you look at the basketball. If you don't then you will not know where the basketball is and you just might hit the person and get a foul. Once you at least smack the ball away then you look where it went and not stare at it but then go after it.

What are the Skills in basketball?

Dribbling Shooting Defence stealing blocking passing

What is the hardest NBA basketball question ever?

Was that a charge or a blocking foul

What is the call of basketball?

There are many calls in basketball. For example, Charging, Shooting Foul, Blocking Foul, Reach-In Foul and many more.

What's the fun thing about basketball?

shooting baskets and scoring and blocking and stealing and winning

What does picking mean in basketball?

Pickimg is almost like blocking, but you must set feet

In basketball impeding the progress of an opponent by extending one or both arms horizantilly is what?


What skills are needed for defenders in basketball?

Blocking,Stealing,Double-teaming and turning the ball over

How does blocking your vision affect the way you shoot a basketball and make it?

Yes, most likely it will because of you not knowing when the hoop is exactly and where you are blocking the vision also matters a lot.

What are the differences between a personal and technical foul in basketball?

personal fowl is for blocking a person technical is for swearing

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