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The 110.

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Q: What is bigger a 110 dirt bike or a 85 dirt bike?
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What dirt bike is bigger ktm xc 85 or ktm sx 85?

I think both bikes are same in power and specs. no i ment size not speed

What dirt bike size comes after a 110?

depends. if its a ttr110 or any other 4 stroke, maby go up to a 65 2 stroke, or 85.

Which one kx 85 or klx 110 me and my brother have never had a dirt bike but we want one and we have to share it I am about 5'3 and he is about 4'8 Kx 85 or klx 110 size power etc?

im about your same height and i would go for a kx 85 beacuse its a 2 stroke and the seat is 33 inch so you can grow into it

What should you do if your RM 85 dirt bike will not get enough gas to the carburetor?

go to a local dirt bike shop and explain the problem to them dirt bike stores always have mechanics to help

Is a Yamaha dirt bike better than a ktm dirt bike?

ktm is way better than Yamaha........ the ktm 85 sx is probably the best bike in the world

How fast is a motorcross kx 85 dirt bike go?

maybe 60mph

How much horse power does a ktm dirt bike 85 have?

None for real

What goes faster KX 85 dirt bike or KX 100 dirt bike?

kx 100 is faster on bottom end speed kx 85 is faster on top end speed so they are about equal to some extent. ;)

I am looking for a new dirt bike but I cant chose out of a kawasaki 65 or 85 or a ktm 85 and what are the specs I need to know what one. i am getting 1 in 3 weeks. please answer soon i need to know?

I myself have a KTM 85 and love it. KTM is by far the best for little motocross bikes but is not a good beginners bike. The KTM is also bigger than the Kawasaki and overall a better bike. I would chose KTM 85 for someone 10 to 13 years old.

What is the fastest 85cc dirt bike?

a yz 85 because it has a big top end

How fast does chad reeds dirt bike go?

arond 80-85 mph

How fast can a 250 2 stroke dirt bike go?

About 85 90 mph

Where on the frame of an rm 85 is a spot for a tringle stand?

The spot for a triangle stand for an RM 85 is by the swingarm on the left side of the dirt bike.

Honda cr250r dirt bike head torque?

Around 80-85 pounds of torque.

What is a good price for 85 dirt bike?

it depends on the year, condition, aftermarket parts, and everything about it

What kind of oil do you use in a 2003 KX 85 dirt bike?

you can use lucas fourstroke oil

How fast is a 85 cc 2-stroke dirt bike?

with stock gearing, 55-60 mph

If you are about 120lbs and 5ft 2in what size dirt bike should you get?

Whatever bike you feel comfortable on, maybe an 85 or 100 2t or a 125 or 150 4t.

Is Yamaha 85 dirt bikes good?

YZ85's are actually an exceptional bike.. but you have to stay on top of the maintenance.

Mixture for 2 stroke 2005 kx 85 dirt bike?

31mil to every 1 leter of gass

What is 85 percent of 110?

85% of 110 = 85% * 110 = 0.85 * 110 = 93.5

How fast can an 85 cc 2-stroke dirt bike go?

700mph on a bad day on a good day about 1000mph

What size dirt bike should a 13 yr old get?

Depends on weight/height. At thirteen I rode a 125 4stroke trail bike and an 85 two stroke racebike

How fast will a Yamaha 85 yz dirt bike go?

I have a 2004 Yamaha yz 85 and can get it to go about 64mph and i weigh 135. What i like most is that it picks up quick in only 6 seconds its toping out so overall great bike

Would the KTM 85 bike be easy to self service?

The KTM 85 is a standard dirt bike which would require basic level skills to repair. If you choose not to do the work yourself try Rocky Mountain ATV/MC for repair work.

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