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Real Great

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Q: What is better really good real fine or real great?
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When you touch a girls vagina and she says she feels fine is fine good or bad?

Fine just mean fine not good not bad just fine (could be better could be worse) I guess it mean DO BETTER

Are Birmingham better than villa?

they are both really good but for this year Birmingham are better because they may be under them but Birmingham are doing great but villa have done better then that

What is better HP or Toshiba?

I personally think that HP and toshiba are really good quality computers, I have an HP and it wors great, it really depends on what you want to do with the computer

Which is better to buy a iPad or a touch screen tablet?

So iPad it's really good and apple are great and it's really easy to download stuff!!

Who is better Ricky Rubio or Rudy Fernandez?

they both are really good at there positions. if you are wanting NOW talent Rudy but for the future Ricky is great. Good prospect

What is a hink pink for a really fine pine?

good wood

What is another meaning for the word good?

well,great ,fine

How great is this website?


Why is the Mizuno Nirvana running shoe better than other shoes?

The shoe is strong and is really good for running, I highly recommend buying these very fine shoes. I have seen people using them when they were running and they worked really well for them.

How can you response if someone asks you how have you been?

Fine ,okay , good thanks,not good,bad,i feel ill,great,lovely,great cheerls

What is another word for well?

Good, great, fine, awesome, cool, etc!Spring or fountain?

Is there something that makes you think you look fine But you really dont?

A good friend.