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no because fifa 12 is more realistic and has much better stuff like virtual pro

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your das better

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Q: What is better pes 2012 or fifa 2012?
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What is better FIFA or pes?


Which is better Fifa 13 or PES 13?

pes 2013 is better

Which is better fifa 14 or PES 14?

fifa 14

Which is better pes 12 or FIFA 12?

fifa 12,trust me.....

Which is better FIFA or PES?

Personally, I prefer Fifa's gameplay but that is purely my opinion. But no-one can argue that Fifa doesn't outshine PES in every other light. Fifa has: More game modes More realistic manager mode Better graphics ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I personally prefer Pro evoulution soccer's gameplay becuase it is purely my opinion. Fifa's gameplay is boring and it is too easy to score! Pes's gameplay is more fun and realistic. Fifa obviously has better graphics and manager mode but it doesn't has the excitement as Pes. Also Pes has fewer licences on leagues but pes has all the teams of the national teams in the whole world! Fifa is a little bit racist and doesn't hav as much national teams. So these reasons are why I suggest Pro-Evolution Soccer. The person who wrote the information about fifa and pes on the top is somewhat true. It is your choice if you want pes or fifa.

Which is better PES 2011 or FIFA 11?

PES has better graphics, online, and so much better game play! If you play FIFA 11 for the past 2 weeks and you are already bored. Everybody should get PES 11. FIFA is not very good though.

Which is better PES 2010 or FIFA 2010?

PES is better because it has the fluid video game controls you want, FIFA has the realistic concepts so it depends on what you like. The problem with PES is that it doesnt have a license for the premier league teams. PES is the official franchise of the UEFA whereas FIFA is the official franchise of FIFA. So for me PES is better but next year im going to buy FIFA because all my friends have FIFA ad i want to play online with them

Is FIFA 11 better than Pes 11?

pes is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more popular than fifa. everyone knows pes, few people know fifa. Also the gameplay, graphics, characters, teams, modes, and everything is better on pro evolution soccer (pes). It's so awesome. FIFA SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When does pes 11 come out?

Comes out in November 2010 (PES is better than FIFA)

How is better FIFA 12 or pes 12?

Fifa 12. No explanation is needed...

Which is better game FIFA 12 or pes 2011?

fifa 12 bro, theres no beating it

Which is the best FIFA or pes?

fifa is much much better it involves more skkill pess realy is annoying fifa is where the skill is at for me but it is all an opinion fifa is better if your playing on your own, but if you've got aload of mates round then pes is far superior