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The tippmann 98 is more customizable, the spyder is smaller and easier to work on. so it depends on what you consider "better".

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Q: What is better a tippmann 98 custom or a spyder victor?
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Which is better a tippmann 98 custom or a spyder victor?

Both are starter markers and will perform about the same. The victor is lighter and is more "speedball" styled. The 98 is more durable and more "milsim" styled.

Is the spyder victor 09 a good paintball gun?

No. There are better, higher quality guns in the same price range. Azodin, tippmann and the Spyder mr series would be better.

What is a better paintball gun a tippman 98 or a spyder victor 2?

Tippmann 98, very durable and easy to fix.

Is the spyder victor 09 or the spyder aggresor a better gun?

The agressor is sold as a higher model than the victor.

What is better Spyder Sonix or Spyder Victor?

The sonix, because it has an actual hand grip.

Is the Spyder Victor Semi-Automatic better than the Spyder Electra with eye?

No, The Electra is Spyders "step up" from the victor. It is inside the same as the victor, but also has electronics and other features. The same with Tippmann, Azodin, and many other companies, they release a low, mid and "high" end gun together. The victor in this case is their cheapest and most "bare boned", then the Sonix, and then the Electra.

What is a good working paintball gun that has a low price?

Tippmann 98's, spyder mr1/victor, and azodin ats/kaos are good to start.

Which is better spyder victor or spyder aggresor?

they are the same design so i would say whichever is cheaper

What is better tag 5m recon or spyder victor?

The spyder victor is a more reliable gun than the JT. You should also look into the Azodin Kaos.

Which is better spyder victor or tippmann gryphon?

The Gryphon has nicer features, like an asa on the grip. However if you plan on playing for more than a few months, you should buy a marker at least in the 100 dollar range if you want it to last.

What paintball gun is better a spyder tl or a spyder victor?

Almost all of them. You need to be much more specific in what you mean by "better" and ask a less open ended question.

What stock fits the spyder victor 09?

There are no stocks that fit that model spyder.

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Which is better a tippmann 98 custom or a spyder victor?

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