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MLB 2k10

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โˆ™ 2010-02-25 22:31:10
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Q: What is better-MLB 2k10 or MLB the show 10?
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Which is better Major League Baseball 10 the show or Major League Baseball 2k10?

This is more of an opinion, but 2k10 is slightly better because it has better game-play

Should you get NHL 10 even though your parents got you NHL 2k10?

Trade in NHL 2K10 for whatever value you can get for it and put that against NHL 10. 2K10 is garbage.

Who will be on the cover of MLB 10 the show?

Joe Mauer

Can you charge the mound or argue in MLB 10 The Show?


NBA live 10 or NBA 2k10?

NBA 2K10. Its a better version and it has more realistics.NBA live 2010 is good but not realistic. My opinion NBA 2K10

Should you buy NBA live 10 or NBA 2k10?

nba live 10. nba 2k10 sucks online. its sad actually.

Which is better NBA Live 10 or NBA 2K10?

nba 2k10 no questions asked.. it is the madden of basketball

What is better NBA live 10 or NBA 2k10?

NBA 2k10 better graphics and more realistic :)

Why is'nt there a Major League Baseball the show for Wii?

The reason why none of the "MLB The Show" video games such as 'MLB 08 The Show," "MLB 09 The Show" and "MLB 10 The Show" have not been released for other consoles such as the Nintendo Wii is because Sony Entertainment is the company that owns the "MLB The Show" video games and they only want it for their video game consoles which are the PlayStation consoles.

Is Stephen strasburg on Major League Baseball 9 the show?

no but he is on mlb 10 the show

Which is better NBA 10 The Inside or NBA 2k10?

NBA 2k10 is better for all the systems

When will MLB 10 the show be released?

It will be out March 2, 2010

Is Jason heyward in the ps2 version of mlb 10 the show?


What team is randy Johnson on mlb 10 the show?


How much do you sell a used NBA 2K10 on Wii?

NBA 2K10 should be sold on Wii for 10-15 dollars.

When does MLB 10 the show come out?

march 2nd that is the day it comes out

Should you get NBA 2k10 or NBA live 10?

It depends what console you have. I would go for 2k10 though, i think it's better.

Which is game better NHL 10 or NHL 2K10?

I've only played 2k10 but from what I've heard nhl10 is much better

Which should I get nba 10 2k10 or live 10?

nba live 2010

What are the release dates for MLB on Fox Pregame Show - 1996 2004-10-24?

MLB on Fox Pregame Show - 1996 2004-10-24 was released on: USA: 24 October 2004

When is MLB 10 The Show coming out?

It is supposedly coming out March 2, 2010.

How do you connect your PSP to your PS2?

Yes you can i played mlb 10 the show from my psp to my ps2

Is money important in MLB 10 the show franchise mode?

Yes very important

Is Austin Jackson in Major League Baseball the show 2010?

In "MLB 10 The Show," Austin Jackson is on the default rosters that MLB 10 The Show comes with however if you have access to download updates then he is available on the roster updates, he'll be with his proper team of the Detroit Tigers on the roster updates as well.

How do you get Stephen strasburg in Major League Baseball 10 the show?

you don't. you have to get an upgrade to MLB 12