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The best Wrestling colleges are currently in Iowa. (i.e. ISU, Iowa, Loras, etc.)

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Q: What is best wrestling college?
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Which state has the best college wrestling programs?


Did ryan kloepping go to college for wrestling and if he did what was his record?

He never went to college for wrestling!

What is the best wrestling site?

Best Wrestling

Most successful college wrestling program?

iowa state wrestling

What sport is the best Swimming Baseball or Wrestling?

Wrestling is the best.

Do you get paid for college wrestling if you have a scholarship?


What is the best wrestling buisiness?

the best wrestling buisness would have to be the wwe

What is the best work out for wrestling?

the best work out for wrestling is to run and wrestle

What is the best wrestling DVD?

best wrestling DVD is called WWE Hel In The Cell

When was Best of World Championship Wrestling created?

Best of World Championship Wrestling was created in 1973.

When did Best of World Championship Wrestling end?

Best of World Championship Wrestling ended in 1987.

Who is tna next wrestling?

they are the second best wrestling company after wwe

What is the duration of Best of World Championship Wrestling?

The duration of Best of World Championship Wrestling is 3600.0 seconds.

Which is the best wrestling school in US?

for wwe it would be Ohio valley wrestling or Florida championship wrestling

What is the difference between folkstyle wrestling and greco roman wrestling?

Greco is no legs. all upperbody, no double legs. floksstyle is highschool and college wrestling.

Where can one view the best wrestling videos?

There are several websites where an individual could view the best wrestling videos. Examples would include YouTube, FloWrestling, Wrestling Tube, and The Wrestling Talk.

Do you need a college degree to get into professional wrestling?

No you need to get into a wrestling school where you will conduct training. Best thing to do iz go talk to an independent promotion. They usually have their own schools they'll send you to. Hope that helps

What is the average salary of a college wrestling coach?


Is college wrestling real?

No it's fake................of course its real!

How do you get in to WWE Divas?

Well, you have to have a college thingy to go to wrestling.

Which college wrestling coach has the most wins?

Dan Gable

Who is the best wrestler in wrestling history?

Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan Considered The Best Ever In History Of wrestling .

What sport was Owen Hart best known?

The world wrestling federation. (wrestling)

How much does a College wrestling referee get paid?

College wrestling coaches get paid lots of money believe it or not! I know its really surprising but they usually make about $50 to $60 a game!

What animal is the best at wrestling?

A Doormouse