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There is no correct answer to the question of the longest and best driver in Golf because this information is based on gathered data and personal preference of the golfer.

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Q: What is best and longest driver in golf?
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Is the driver the longest golf club?


The longest hitting driver sold in golf?

There is really no specific answer for this question since all the major golf manufacturers claim they make the longest hitting driver anyway.

In golf How long can a driver be?

The average driver length is 45-46 inches. The longest it can be is 48 inches.

What is the best golf?

nike driver sumo

What driver will get me the longest range?

Krank Golf drivers, specializing in custom made golf clubs, long drive drivers, hold the title for driver giving golfer the most distance out of their swing.

What is the best golf driver?

It depends on your swing and how fast it is.

What is the best golf club?

nike driver sumo

What is the purpose of a Cobra driver?

The Cobra driver is the "big dog". The driver is used in golf to hit the longest shots, i.e. the tee shot. These are required for holes that have long distances.

What was the longest golf course?

Central Park is the longest golf course.

Why do you drive in golf?

well either to get to the ball or it is when at the start of a hole you hit the longest shot with your driver and set up the rest

What are golf drivers used for?

In a golf bag, the driver has the biggest head and longest shaft. The driver is the main tee club. It is used to put the ball in play with most golfers being to advance the ball between 200 and 300 yards up the fairway, or into the rough or trees.

How many meters is a golf club?

The longest club (the driver) can be 4 meters and the shortest (the putter) would be just under 3 meters. Golf clubs are usually measured in inches, they range from 48" to 33".