What is bearer alongside carry?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: What is bearer alongside carry?
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What is Three man bearer alongside in first aid?

The one of the method of trasferring injured victim that uses three person to carry the victim in one side.

What do you call people that carry a coffin?


Why does paul bearer carry an urn?

It contains Undertaker and Kane's power

What is the job where you carry things?

A porter, or a bearer, carries things for payment.

Based on information in the reading passage, what can be concludedHenry's friend was mad at him.Henry didn't want to carry the flag.A flag bearer was in jeopardy of losing his life.Henry's friend didn't want to carry the flag?

A flag bearer was in jeopardy of losing his life.

Who is the ringbearer?

* The ring bearer is a young male child ... nephew or even a son from a former marriage that will carry the ring on the cushion. Some weddings have a ring bearer and some don't.

What is the pun on Paul Bearer's name?

This is just a guess and I am assuming that this person has something to do with wrestling so..a pallbearer is someone who helps carry the casket in a funeral service. Yeh, since Paul Bearer came out with "Undertaker" and pallbearers are the ones who carry the casket, it just fit together.

What is a bearer?

a person or thing that carries or holds something • a carrier of equipment on an expedition. • a person who carries the coffin at a funeral; pall-bearer. a person who presents a check or other order to pay money

What is the person who raises and lowers the flag called?


What rhymes with flag bearer?

tag bearer

How do you spell pall bearer?

pall bearer

What are the duties of amour bearer?

Keep the amour clean and in good shape, carry it to his lord, mend the wounds, and drag the body off the field of battle.