What is bayern Munich stadium called?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Allianz arena

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Q: What is bayern Munich stadium called?
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How long did Bayern Munich own the olympic stadium?

Bayern Munich didn't own the olympic stadium. They played in it from 1972 to 2005, but they didn't own it.

Where is the football stadium in Germany?

Allianz Arena, Home To Bayern Munich, Is In Munich.

What stadium was the 2006 word cup final held?

It was held in the stadium called The Allinaz Stadiium. Bayern Munich play their football there.

How many people does bayern munich's stadium hold?


Why is Bayern Munich called Bayern Monaco in Italian?

Because the city of Munich is Monaco in some languages including Italian

Who is better bayern Munich or juventus?

Bayern Munich

Who are the only football team to beat bayern Munich at Munichs olympic stadium?

norwich city!!!!!!!!

What country is Bayern Munich?

Bayern Munich is the name of a German soccer team. Bayern is a region in Germany and Munich is the city that is its capital. In English Bayern is more commonly known as Bavaria. It is in the southeast of Germany.

What league does bayern Munich play in?

Bayern munich play in the German league called the Bundes liga

What are famous sport clubs in Bavaria?

FC Bayern Munich and FC Nurnberg are most famous clubs. The Stadium of FC Bayern Munich is Allianz Arena. More about Allianz Arena at:

What does bayern in bayern Munich stand for?

Bayern is the German word for Bavaria. Munich is the capital of Bavaria. The full name of the team is "FC Bayern München". München is German for Munich.

What years did bayern Munich win the champions league?

Yes, Bayern Munich won the champions league in 1974, 1975, 1976, and 2001.